Evolution of Trolls to Night Elves

Was there any texts that pointed to the origin of Trolls? Seems like almost everything came from either Curse of the Flesh on stone beings or like the dragons, were elemental beings who somehow lost their elementalness?

Next I wonder since when did the trolls started evolving into Night Elves? I kind of assume it’s a gradual process and in a spectrum, meaning there would be different degrees of evolving into a Night Elf, with some trolls being more evolved to an elf than others. Isn’t it interesting that a troll with enough Elune magic, which was mostly the Well of Eternity (Azeroth’s blood) could turn in an elf, but with the same conditions again, moderns trolls don’t turn to elves? The Night Elves will be able to greatly boost their population if that is the case. lol

It will be interesting if certain old elven families like let’s say the Sunstriders or Whisperwinds can trace their lineage back to a certain tribe of Trolls, and find out when they started worshipping Elune, since none of the other Trolls including the ancient Zandalari worshipped Elune. The elves shared their common deity with the Taurens.

It will also be interesting to know if a troll and elf can have children… like half troll/elves. lol Elves can breed with humans, a whole different species, so I can totally see Trolfs in the mix.

So. The elves evolved from dark trolls, at least that’s what the lore use to be. Evolved in such a number, that the tribe was thought extinct for many many years. Sure there were little pocket groups that survived, but now, they are essentially all gone.

As for half elf half troll, it’s safe to assume they can produce offspring. If aliens can breed with races from Azeroth, it’s fairly safe to assume that the races already in Azeroth can.

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When it comes to compatibility for interspecies procreation, I usually chalk it up to, “Well, everyone’s got some titan in them somehow. That’s the common thread.”

Draenei and Orcs can procreate, and both were the result of Titan influence (Argus for the Draenei, and Aggramar shaped the being the Orcs would descend from, even if there was no arcane involved). The races on Azeroth, like the Draenei, evolved on a world with a world soul.

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The specific origins of trolls are left vague. Trolls as we know them seemingly first appeared in the swamps of Nazmir (or at least, what would become Nazmir), but it’s unknown what sort of ancestors might have preceded them.

Some vague stuff implied that drogbar were at one point considered “rock trolls” within the game files, suggesting a possible elemental origin (since drogbar seem to be at least partially made of stone) but it’s never directly referenced and Xal’atath referred to the drogbar as failed creations of the titans (unless they’re meant to be both, like some early attempt to create servitors directly from elementals before the Keepers made the titan-forged), so that particular troll connection may have been abandoned entirely.

At this point it’s just as possible that they could have come from some sort of organic proto-troll beasts that themselves may have evolved amidst the proliferation of organic life that was spurred by Azeroth’s spilled blood and the defeat of the Old Gods.

Similarly, the origins of the original yaungol are unclear; there were some tauren-like objects associated with Uldum that never made it live, but otherwise there are only the likely allegorical legends about their origins asa children of the Earth Mother. So unless the stories of the Earthmother are to be taken as completely literal, they might be a Wild God-related race like the furbolgs and quillboar seem to be (though even their origins are steeped in enough myth and legend to possibly be only that), or they could be just a sapient race that organically arose from amidst the energized wilds of Azeroth around the time of the Reordering.

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trolls are the first cause of the universe
in the beginning there was trolls and troll land

Blizzard has no interest in tellling that kind of story.

Actually that is just wrong considering all life came from either 1) old god 2) old god’s curse of flesh 3) elementals that lost their power when the Elemental Lords were banished 4) those created by titans.

By process of elimination trolls were likely elementals that lost their power. And by extension that was caused by the titans so they are indirectly children of the titans.

god said let there be trolls
and he separated land from sky and the land he called troll land
And all waters are good and pure, you may drink from all
But never drink from the well of the tree of eternity
And after the first troll disobeyed began the decline and the fall of troll kind

I wouldn’t put it past the writers. A lot of the lore reads like it’s just a fantasy fan-fic of the abrahamic religions.

Not entirely flawed logic, however you missed the obvious. Those are the only examples we know of, but that doesn’t mean they are the only ones that actually exist.

Trolls could well be Azeroth’s truly natural born children.

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What’s interesting is that even in the alternative timelines we see in DF we see references to the yaungol.
First in Ulderoth, a timeline where the titans fully ordered the planet and there’s no old gods, we see Freya researching the Yanguol.
And then in the old god timeline where the titans never arrived to the planet we find a runeaxe which is a weapon tied to the tauren, as well as a stone tablet written by an old god minion that mentions mortals that are used for sacrifice as well as mentioning animals.
So clearly life and mortals can arise even on a planet without titans/old gods. Specifically the tauren/yaungol. And it would not surprise me if the trolls are in the same boat.
The first known trolls are mentioned shortly after Tyr’s death, and at that point they already moved into the dragon isles although Neltharion say they have large settlements down in the south (assuming zandalar/nazmir) and that’s roughly 20k years ago. But we also know they must have been around before Tyr’s death as when he’s resurrected the only race he recognizes out of the Tyr’s guard is Nolakki whom he identifies as a troll.

It’s more of a mix of things imo. From what I’ve seen of WoW lore, the closest irl model for its cosmology is theistic evolution.

The trolls evolved from local fauna on Azeroth… due to the Well of Eternity. Nearly everything else is attributable to some higher being or another.

Somewhat. Trolls became elves when some of them spent time besides the Well of Eternity and started drawing on its energies. They even believed Elune slumbered in the Well at first.

If anything, the closest thing to Original sin for the Night Elves was dabbling in Fel or Void (like how worshipping Melkor was the Original sin for humanity in Middle-Earth).

The Night Elf form is Elune’s image. Any troll must adhere to the faith of Elune before he or she could be turned into a Night Elf by the waters of Eternity

Chronicle 1 says they were a primordial lifeform that evolved from being exposed to the energies of the Well of Eternity. It’s unknown what they were before then, no records exist of a ‘proto-troll’ species. Blizzard initially said they were going to deal with proto-trolls in Dragonflight and many people thought that they Djaradin might be said proto-troll race, but Blizzard ultimately chose not to go that route. The Djaradin are instead descended from Earth Giants and don’t exist anywhere else on Azeroth. It’s unknown if they were affected by the curse of flesh (possible, but not confirmed).

It is unknown if orcs and draenei can procreate naturally. It may be that magic need to be involved. Garona came out of such an unnatural breeding project.

Or there are other unknown causes. We know natural life was accelerated by the titans. Given we have examples of life that aren’t the above things.

Aka not children of the titans, lol.

Probably not, no.

Nah, that’s pretty much confirmed.

Garona and Lantresor the Blade both exist as a result of that, and while Garona was conceived as a result of… well, despicable means, there was no magic involved in her conception or birth. All Gul’dan did magically was age her up, as he did with many Orc children to swell the ranks of the Horde.

The Well of Eternity was a Titan creation presumably to energise the leylines with arcane magic.

All that we’re given is that a group of Dark Trolls were beckoned to the Well and they became the first Night Elves… that’s the sum of lore on the topic.

  1. that is all conjecture and no better then head canon. Sure like might have found a way. Or more likely it wouldnt have and any attempt by biological life would be snuffed out by the elementals. 2) this is the current canon we have. That all life came just from these four sources. This is back by meta level lore(like Chonicles) and inuniverse lore from Khadgar.

That is literally all of the playable races. Sure the titans had a hand in creating them but outside forces are just aa much, if no more so, responsible for their existance. Without the curse of flesh there would be no human, dwarf or gnome.

So by that sense ever “children of the titan” are indirect ones.

Evolution of Trolls to Night Elves

We call that Elvolution. :dracthyr_love_animated:


As much conjecture as saying it was something else we’ve already seen. Since there’s no confirmation, any theory is conjecture.

The current canon isn’t that. The current canon is some life came from those and some life we don’t have stated origins for. And some non-Azeroth life came from other sources as well.

Aka not children of the titans, yeah.
Except whenever earthen come out.