Evoker Is...Underwhelming

Yeah that is prepatch garbage with mastery stacking and its once every 2 minutes. If and likely when that is fixed what does the class have mechanically going for it? I mean it seriously has nothing. Its bizarre janky play around long cds. I really feel nearly every person will quit them by 70 without an overhaul

still not ok with a class just cheesing over 100% kill with no counter

Glacial spike, but it’s not as easy to land as instant cast fire breath, ofc.

More than likely going to catch a mastery nerf in pvp eventually.

Is evoker pretty much just setting up Shattering star > fire breath > disintegrate windows? Outside of 2min cd instant burst or adding deep breath in every 1min.

Pretty sure all the healing spells are 30yd range but I get the point.

OP youre going to give me a stroke.

Granted thats with literally all the buffs in the game and fully geared but true I know its a crazy amount rn but funny to see DH post - and i know you just helping ppl see its a good class which I respect, haha that was fun to watch ty

Blue post literally 1 day later:

I can’t believe you were just trying to completely gaslight me there.

It was fixed before this went out as I tested it a few minutes before I posted.

They were underwhelming with no gear…

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evoker practically does zero damage.

plz buff

I mean the fact that they can still one shot anybody means they will be A tier at least. Its been like that on beta for a while and they havent adjusted it.

Its legit just a one shot on a 2 min cd. Just wait till they get geared up, your next post will be like “Evokers do too much damage” lol.

2 devo evokers with insta cast fire breath can kill anybody at any rating. Its not like you can interrupt it, the best you can do is to pop immunity and hopefully survive the first 2 min cd.

Can confirm. Just got crit for 71k.

Saw videos of 100k on yourube in the prepatch. Imagine 100k single target insta cast, but its even worse as its aoe! Can clap full groups

Evoker Damage in PVP is absurd, getting 40k 55k crits from FireBreath, it is not just 1 any evoker with more than 70k HP (assuming it is full pvp honor/conquest)
This is happening in 2 seconds, this is not good.

Well, this has aged nicely.



Best quote in a while!

guardian druid players…

this is old, Monk is OP and will destroy most classes atm