Evocation/Windfury Spell Animation Partially Missing

The animation for the vortex used in many spell effects (Evocation, Windfury, any wind ele stun) is incomplete and doesn’t display its entire animation, causing it to end early.

With evocation, the vortex simply disappears entirely whenever the Mage finishes channeling it, which is wrong. The funnel should complete its animation after the Mage finishes channeling. On a separate note, the Mage and Funnel should be dark blue (unless selected).

For Windfury, the Vortex only plays around the Shaman’s feet for about a half-second and then disappears entirely, when it should build up around the Shaman’s entire body.

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Still an unacknowledged issue.

Would also like to add that both Mage Wards (Fire/Frost) are missing over half their animation files as well.

Can confirm - My body tornadoes used to be much more intimidating and visually apparent.

More like slight-gust weapon, amirite?!

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It’s almost as bad as Windfury’s animation on Retail… which may as well not exist.

It’s also sad because it’s imo the coolest animation in game and such a shame it was replaced in BC… Now we have it back but it’s broken. :frowning:

There’s a lot of minor issues like this.

Besides windfury Shaman’s Party members don’t get the ‘glowing/sparkle’ animation from totem buffs. Earthbind totem is missing it’s pinkish aura when the totem pulses etc. This makes it much harder to tell at a glance who is affected by totems and in the case of earthbind, makes it harder to notice as an earthbind totem and could be mistaken as another earth totem such as tremor.

Well here we are on the final Classic patch and it’s still broken. Sad to see it was ignored cause y’all devs really don’t care.

In TBC we get the really ugly terrible cyclone animation which does not build up or persist upon fade, so there won’t be a glitch there, and I guess that’s all they really cared about.