***EVERYTHING We Definitively Know about Classic***

I just don’t understand why HK’s DK’s and pvp rewards are not in phase 1.

IIRC, there weren’t perks. No guild bank, no faster mount speed, no mass resurrection and all that other garbage they added.

More stupid questions lol…

They weren’t when WOW came out either.

As someone said already - there’s no perks other than being able to easily get groups, raid, and have a (hopefully) close-knit group of people you like interacting with daily.

Which, IMO, is enough.

Irrelevent, we are starting at 1.12 . I understand phasing dungeons for gear progression balance but don’t see why you have to wait for HK’s. Huge difference.

No its not.

I remember seeing this thread pop up last year and now here we are. Less than two days from release and I can barely contain myself. =P

shouldn’t you change it to North America August 26th, rest of the world 27th. I’m canadian and it’s telling me it will be available tmrw.

It is tomorrow for those in NA.
3 pm California time, if putting it that way helps.
3 PM PST, August 26th.

100% agree. Same with the battlegrounds. Really hope they revisit that schedule and move the battlegrounds earlier and consider adding the newer ones into classic as more variety would be a huge benefit here. If they want to hold back on the rewards for some sort of progression balance issues, that is fine, but holding back on the Battlegrounds content arbitrarily doesn’t make any sense to me.

Okay, just a few questions. When will the queues start and will I have to relog to enable the enter world button or can I just sit at the character selection screen?

Queues will start as the server cannot handle people.

The character selection screen appears to be hard kicking people at 30 minutes (regardless of moving between characters etc) however they are not he record stating that the “Enter World” button will just light up.

there’s something missing from this list.

‘it will crash’

We know that it didn’t work on launch. Borked off the bat.

We know, we know that you are in q for hours , but we are not gonna do anything about it .

Agreed. But if so they could have had opening on a friday instead of the start of the work work monday the 27th.