***EVERYTHING We Definitively Know about Classic***


How will we access it?
Will it be a choice/icon on the Battlenet app or will we need to run the live game and choose classic servers?
I’d dislike having to take up that space if the live version is required since I don’t intend to play it.


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I did see it, though it was basically a second “default” template - it would restore the default settings, but without turning on the modern options, such as new water.

committed are you to not sharding* Not sharding. A typo.

And, more importantly, the realm list, so you can make sure to select the realm your friends are playing on!


Beta beta beta beta.


I know Live makes me sick to my stomach! I love Warcraft with a passion and with my entire heart but retail is not warcraft, just a lazy excuse to keep money coming from loyal fans. I regained my love for blizzard the second the announced classic wow!

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This is not the thread for that.

Do a search of the Classic™ Forum. There are plenty of discussions on what you are asking about.




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So uh… Graphics… I REAAAAALLY don’t see myself playing WoW as it was in 2004-2006, too old to actually watch and enjoy…

This would be a grand chance for Blizz to update the graphical engine (imagine something like the Unreal Engine mod that’s been floating around, w00t!) or at least to bring the imagery to date (ala Cataclysm).

Will we see either of those? Or is this only for those feeling emotional about a graphical style 15 years old?


The engine is the Retail engine. However, there is the ability to toggle everything back to Classic (which I hope is the default).

However, the player models and new model textures are not what will be used.

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Nice well poisoning there!


Guys I’m super excited about this! I started playing WOW back in like 2006. I was a total noob that knew nothing about MMOs (clicker and keyboard turner FTL) and I wasn’t able to participate in the world events. I grew with WOW and began to understand more about MMOs. I made relationships with online friends who I ultimately met in person at Blizzcon one year. The amount of nostalgia and happy thoughts that come to mind from the countless hours of laughter and comradery are simply overwhelming. I can’t wait to relive this with the new wisdom and experience.


Please add progressive itemization to the list of community questions :sunglasses:


I agree with you, the old, grey, hazy, film that was over everything in vanilla is not something Im looking forward too. Pinched human noses, dwarves weird lizard blink. I know Im just going to have to suck it up to play Classic again. I really wish there was some mod to beef up the graphics on our end. Wonder if that can be done.


In what manner? I feel this has been fairly straightforwardly addressed

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It is against Blizzard’s ToS to alter the game files, including textures. While it is possible to change them, since they reside client side, doing so can get your account banned. At some point in the past, players used graphical alteration mods to gain an unfair advantage in gameplay, so Blizzard had to shut them down.


Item Stat changes as the game progresses. Blizzard has only implemented progressive item release.

It won’t happen though because they don’t have all the patch data for it.


They also made their character’s look nude. Blizzard wasn’t happy.


That’s what I was thinking, but I wanted to know what they were looking for.

Agreed that it’s not going to happen - they’re doing progressive release which is more than I was expecting already.


Old backups.