***EVERYTHING We Definitively Know about Classic***

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You’re still unable to see the context due to long dead conversation.

Call it what you want

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Unless this is now the Argue With Ristra thread and should be unpinned, everyone please stop responding to them.


I mean to be fair, Ristra made a single comment back in November. They pretty much started the argument with her.

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I definitely know i will be there in Classic and the necessity of visiting the Classic Forum will be gone :stuck_out_tongue: Good Work OP, your post keeps me grounded :smiley:

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We got an answer for spell batching, need that to be updated under “Question we, as a community, have for the Devs:”


Please read the entire thread - I’m currently working on rebuilding my “trust” level so that I can.

With Blizzard bassackwards system I cannot currently update the OP.

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Sorry! Keep up the good work!


I trust you.


I mean, can’t you just edit the post and add the link in later?


It’s not that link, it’s ALL of them.

I can probably take the links out, but…


i just wanna know if GM’s will be coming back to the realms… and if going to the GM island is worth the ban if so, and if there is an achievement for going to GM island along with the ban/jail/secret room under gm island with the chair.

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^^ is a great question

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i know ppl wont encourage it. but maybe blizz should host an event where people race to get to gm island, or race to get to some unknown destination to win tokens to trade in for tmog skins or something unique

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or like troll items to mess with players, like the Mr T from the Ateam promo where you could throw grenades at people which gave them mohawks.

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Achievements weren’t added until WotLK.


I have noticed a couple posters that leave banal comments in every forum every time something is said, its incredible. I work and sleep too much to keep up :confused: Guess Ill never be trusted lol


Removed links and updated the OP to include new information about BG and PVP release schedule, as well as updating information about spell batching.

Links and OP have been preserved in private documents so if my trust level goes back up I can re-add them.


Are the putting out a boxed edition with a price?


They’ve not said anything about that kind of thing at this time.


No they are not (as of their latest answer)