Everyone should be able to be rank 14 while playing a healthy amount

Haha u said prestigious weapons and armor haha. There is nothing prestigious about the gear just that u joined a premade hid behind the melee and healers and soaked up honor.

That’s what hunters do. Oh and u probably thought u were slick and tried to farm the gy at the farm when horde teams held out and ran as soon as horde came toward u.


If you reward people for not pvping then people won’t pvp and pvp queues will never pop. Why would I pvp for 50 hours a week when I could pvp for 5 for the same honor?

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I say this as a casual that will never hit rank 14, go to retail OP.


No thanks. Rank 14 isn’t something everyone should have.

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Why not if it takes them more weeks of playing 15 hrs and adds up to a significant amount of time?

It seems that it’s something that lowers the bar. That always diminishes prestige. It’s directly against the design intent.


r14 is not a participation trophy for little johnny.


Heartseeker LOL aka dodgeseeker

If the total time accumulated adds up to roughly the same overall played time then it doesn’t diminish anything.

You all just suck at basic math.

You didn’t actually show any math. Not sure why you’re picking a fight on a public forum.

Anyway, there are a couple of things to consider I suppose. On the one hand, even if we consider the same amount of time, if you allow it over an infinite length of time, then we could definitely say it’s easier.

An example, for context, a hot dog eating contest - should everybody be given a gold medal if they eat a given number of hotdogs (say 100) over any given length of time?

Secondly, what amount of time is the right amount? How do you decide how much time would be enough to be worth Rank 14?

Either way though, it does lower the bar, and thus diminishes the prestige, i.e. compromises the intended design.

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Yes everyone who doesn’t participate in a hot dog eating contest should be given a medal because the contest is stupid and obscene.

Same as the ranking system in classic.

Good analogy Axxi

So to further that analogy. If you are normal and eat normally you should be able to eat all the hot dogs you want spaced out overtime, when you feel like eating them. And you should be rewarded with good health (R14 gear).

Check mate.

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You’ll really have to up your game if you’d like to use these sorts of terms correctly.

I’m not sure why you’re attempting to “win” a conversation, but you’re also not very accurate with your continuation of the analogy…

You seem to suggest that the ranking system is stupid and obscene, yet for some reason you’re trying to make an argument for why you should have Rank 14 without putting in the effort.

The issue here is that just like anyone can eat hotdogs within a “normal” (however you’d like to define this) diet, anyone can enter BGs within a “normal” (again however you’d like to define this) lifestyle. In neither case do you, nor should you win the highest award for doing so, unless of course your aim is to diminish the prestige of such an award, i.e. normalize it.

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Eating 50 hot dogs is eating 50 hot dogs. Doesn’t matter if you do it in 1 sitting or not.

To abuse your own analogy.

Only dumb people cram 50 hot dogs into their face in 1 sitting.

Getting owned by your own analogy, priceless.

I mean, you’re not actually making any points. :woman_shrugging:

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I’m rekking you with your own analogy.

You’re not wrecking anything. If you think a competition is dumb, do not participate.

Only dumb people would eat 50 hot dogs in 1 sitting, claim it is something to be proud of, and then force other people to do it to win an insignificant trophy no one cares about.

It is the perfect analogy for the ranking system in classic.

Only dumb people would argue forcing people to sit and PVP for 16 hrs a day for 6 weeks is good for gear that is obsolete by AQ40 for a lot of people anyway and then claim everyone needs to no life to that level to get the gear when they could just farm it out over time and get it later when it isn’t as valuable anyway.

It is like a perfect analogy for the stupidity of the ranking system, and it is owning your face.

No one cares you got R14 in classic just like they don’t care you crammed 50 hot dogs into your dumb face one time when you were being stupid.

Nobody is forcing anybody to do anything.

You seem to be making an argument that ranking is dumb. So, don’t rank.

Your opinion that doing something is dumb, however, is simply your opinion, which you are entitled to.

Do you realize that nobody is being forced to participate?

You really seem to care. Why? Just don’t participate, if you don’t want to. That’s easy.

Your argument is you can’t get the gear unless you do the stupid system so it is being forced by your own argument.

Just like to win the stupid trophy for hot dog eating REQUIRES you to eat 50 at once.

You are forcing people to do the stupid system if they want the gear.

Do you even think before you type?

Hmm. Do you understand that you are not forced to compete? You do not have to acquire the trophy for winning any given competition.

This seems to be a problem with you wanting Rank 14 gear, but not wanting to get it.

I mean, it’s starting to become somewhat difficult here. We do not seem to have a basic common understanding of words and meanings. And you seem to be quite hostile.

Good luck in all your endeavors.