Every fire mage queueing rn

Since when is this game not about taking advantage of an advantage?

imma take advantage of the mass report system :smiley:

No rets took advantage of rework release and instant killed people while pushing glad prior to any nerfs
No demo’s que with bugged demons either.

WoW has the most honorable people. Taking advantage of bugs, poor tuning and wintrading is something our player base would never do in the history of arena.


Hey, at least we as a community have moved away from identity fraud for the purposes of recovering another players account and disbanding their arena team. :dracthyr_hehe_animated:


So the bug was it wasn’t doing full damage?

It was in the last update.

thats pretty vile. I never heard about that

I feel you really cant expect people not to do whats in their best interest.

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Healers need to press dispel after their combust

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Most WoW players are honorable.

Unfortunately, there are a few less honorable people who take advantage of bugs, poor tuning, and win trading.

If you’re a fire mage, and you’re going supernova with Ignite in arenas like the Human Torch, then you know which category you fall into.

They are? I’d expect most wow players to push me into a volcano for a +1 mount or +14 cr

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i dont even think its reliant on combust its just multiplying when it spreads to additional targets

I’d pay to ox kick you to the maw.

How much we talkin’? I’m quite kickable. :dracthyr_love_animated:


Sounds about right

will do. reporting setback on sight.


Seems like switching fireblasts back and forth between targets multiplies the ignite each time.

This isn’t New World.

20k but you have to spend an eternity listening to Sylvanas monologues.

Taking advantage of a bug is an exploit.

Taking advantage of bad design features (10.7 Ret) is being an opportunist.

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