Every Black Lotus spawn right now .... 24/7

im not going to entertain such a stupid comment with a reply past this one


I saw someone who logged in and tried to pick a flower. I didn’t see a bot.


That’s probably for the best.


K go away now. Only trolls act as if they’re so oblivious.


video in question shows no evidence of botting.

only two players racing a to a known node. no botting evidence was presented at this time.

OP was camping the node just like the tauren was. why is the tauren a bot but not the mage?

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The acknowledge that the relative scarcity of the resource is a problem.


What evidence of botting did the video show?

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what video did you watch? no one raced to anything. there was a mage waiting and another “player” (bot) spawned by logging in at the node.

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how do you know he didnt rez at the node?

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if he did rez at the node it just further proves that he is a bot.

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please show us the proof.


it proves it because the “player” can see the other fully geared mage while hes dead waiting to spawn but he spawned anyways immediatly went for the lotus, didnt even target the mage. it was a bot, perhaps that doesnt prove it was a bot but nothing you have said proves it wasnt a bot either


not that i am on your side in this fight, but you arent all wrong either.
i know of 3 different multiboxers where i play and this exactly what they do, some with 10 accounts or more. and they arent even that good either, they just feverishly tab between accounts during the timer window at the ready to log in at a moments notice.

Sure there are, it’s called pvp- you see someone trying to take a lotus you want- kill them. That’s how pvp servers work.

And that they have zero intent on ever doing anything about it, meaning they basically dgaf.

Besides- like multi boxing Blizz has never done a thing about botting, it’s free money in their pocket.

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I’m not on a side, I just don’t see any evidence of botting. In 15 years of WoW I’ve seen two toons that I’m sure were bots out in the world. It took a lot more than rezzing in to pick a flower to convince me.




How else are you supposed to film them in action without being there?
What should you do if its the same faction?
What should you do if you’re on a PvE server?

And no, I’m not convinced these are bots … these are multiboxers corpse camping the spawn.

Make herbs invisible while dead and this stops.


It’s a genius double-dip. Take the subscriber money from bots, and then sue them to get even more!

The guy filming this not only won the lotus, he could have won it unopposed because he beat the other guy to it. All this talk of botting and yet none of it helped the supposed botter.

nobody’s gonna talk about the spider that was gonna kill the cow?