[Events - RP] Introduction to Roleplaying - Horde Edition

Greetings, players of Blackwater Raiders and Shadow Council!

I would like to extend an invitation on behalf of the Cenarion Circle-Sisters of Elune RP community to an event - Introduction to Roleplaying!

This event was started before the merge with your realms as a way to welcome new and returning players to the CC-SoE roleplaying community. Now we hope to welcome you, as well! Stop by for a casual meet-and-greet style event to network with other roleplayers and learn more about what RP opportunities are available from the CC-SoE side of the server merge! We also welcome any representatives from Blackwater Raiders and Shadow Council that would like to come share about RP happenings from your servers!

We look forward to meeting you!

Check out the link below for the full event listing and details:

Just a friendly bump for this weekly meet-and-greet! Stop by and say hello!

Hello, everyone! A friendly reminder that the Introduction to Roleplaying meet-and-greet will be happening again this evening in Orgrimmar. Hope to see you there!

It’s here again! Join us for the weekly meet-and-greet outside of the Embassy in Orgrimmar!

Greetings, all! Just a reminder that the Introduction to Roleplaying event will be happening outside the Embassy in Orgrimmar at 6 pm server tonight! See you there!

Hello everyone! A reminder that the Introduction to Roleplaying meet and greet will be happening at 6pm server at the Orgrimmar Embassy tonight.

See you there!

A friendly reminder that Introduction to Roleplaying will be happening tonight outside of the Orgrimmar Embassy at 6pm server time!

NOTE: We will be changing the location slightly due to increased traffic from adventurers trying to access Chromie for Timewalking. Instead of meeting in front of the building, we will be shifting around to the back.

Hope you guys had success. RP back in the days was hit or miss, there were good players and there were drama queens. The former made for good times, but too many of the latter can be toxic.