[Event] WRA Cross-Faction Guild Faire - November 25th!

Hello everyone! I’d just like to provide a quick extra update that in addition to the [H-Event] WRA Horde Guild Faire - November 26th! we are ALSO looking to host a special Cross-Faction Guild Faire this month as well! I know this may be short notice, but hopefully we can all spread the word quickly to get as many people involved as possible! Details below!

:dracthyr_comfy_bronze: THE WYRMREST ACCORD CROSS-FACTION GUILD FAIRE! :dracthyr_comfy_bronze:

:clock5: When: Saturday November 25th @ 6-8PM Server (6-8PM PST, 7-9PM MST, 8-10PM CST, 9-11PM EST)

:world_map: Where: Wyrmrest Accord (NA Server) | Caverns of Time

:grey_question: What: Every so often an additional Guild Faire event is hosted where we welcome both Horde and Alliance to join together as EVEN MORE guilds gather to meet, mingle, and most importantly help people on both factions to find their new guild home amongst many wonderful options! No more random whispers or random invites! No more hours of browsing guild finder! Just good old in-game interactions with real people in real time, face to face, with plenty of conversation and getting to know each other so you can find the right guild fit for you! This event is both IC and OOC supported - depending on the guild and your own preferences!

:busts_in_silhouette: Who: Plenty of guilds and guild-seekers alike! We have…

  • :blue_heart: Alliance Guilds!
  • :heart: Horde Guilds!
  • :green_heart: Cross-Faction Guilds!
  • :performing_arts: Roleplaying Guilds!
  • :crossed_swords: PvP Guilds!
  • :fire: Raiding Guilds!
  • :tada: Social Guilds!
  • :trophy: Achievement Guilds!
  • :black_square_button: Small Guilds!
  • :white_square_button: Big Guilds!
  • :night_with_stars: Late Night & All-Hours Guilds
  • :bangbang: And most importantly… YOU!

Keep up to date with all the news and find out more about our events, active guilds, and other important info at the links below!
Join Our Discord: https://discord.gg/96TxGGRT9


The Rageskull Clan will be in attendance!

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Hey there forum friends, just would like to let everyone know that this is TODAY - you can check the times in the main post to know when it is happening for you! Hope to see plenty of folks around for it!

Glad to see events like this! Sadly there wasn’t quite enough notice for me to be available for this event, but I wish everyone luck in recruiting, and hope some of you find a great new home!


This event is happening RIGHT NOW for anyone interested! Plenty of people out here already, come on down to check it out!

This event has ended now - but thank you to everyone who attended! We’ll be sure to let folks know when the next Cross Faction Guild Faire event is soon!

In the meantime, get prepared and ready for the Horde Guild Faire event tomorrow! You can find more info at [H-Event] WRA Horde Guild Faire - November 26th! as well as a link to the discord if you need any assistance!

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