<Even Keeled> Recruiting!

<Even Keeled> is recruiting warlocks, priests, fury warriors, and paladins for Molten Core and the upcoming Blackwing Lair phase.

We have two raiding groups, each of which clears all available raid content every week on Tuesdays for 1 group and Wednesdays for the other group, both starting at 8PM.

<Even Keeled> has made changes to both our leadership and our raid rosters to continuously improve both our organization and our performance. We strike a balance of high-performance raiding with camaraderie, and our ultimate goal is to foster a fun and fulfilling experience with good friends. We are preparing to clear Blackwing Lair twice every week and will compete for the server’s first Nefarian kill. Please contact Domenick for details.


Bump! More priests please!!

Truth be told, this guild performs and has a blast doing it… Dont be scared, the water is just fine!

Come join the party! We even play MC Bingo!

bump bump bump it up

What do the raid times look like?

Original Vanilla player here, focused more on pvp back in the day, sitting at 49 now and trying to balance leveling, pvp, and life. So not the fastest, but I’m looking to heal at 60 as it’s what I did on retail before.

Looking for a home and kinda fell out of love with the game since the guild I joined was pretty much dead on arrival and some friends that started gave up after about lv 30.

Edit: forgot some stuff

Hey Anxel, we currently run 2 raid groups, tuesdat night at 8, wednesday night at 8, both groups clear MC and ONY in under 2 hours, hit us up in game if your interested

Ya’ll doin the old school specs only? “Heal button=healer” ?

yes our paladins all wear Dress’s

Thanks for the response. Good luck to you guys. :slight_smile:

If you’re not wearing a dress and holding a bouquet of flowers you’re not living out the true paladin class fantasy

Do you have open slots on wed team for a fury warrior and healing priest?

Hey guys was wondering if you guys had any room for a SM rune warlock , I’m either looking for a weekday raiding guild or weekend guild, looking for something semi hardcore-hardcore I’ve cleared both MC as well as ONY. Looking forward to clearing BWL as well as both of the other raids. I come from raiding on retail on mythic difficulty so just trying to push the most current content on classic! Lf to talking / playing with you guys , feel free to hit me up on discord @ Rhonx#1504

Bump and reposting for the individual who had to deal with the same EK behaviors I did.

Do not join this guild. I attended every raid , was “promoted” to their group E. I didn’t enjoy how they were not holding every raider to the same standards or requirements, it was treated on a per player basis. When I asked to go back to their other raid group , “Group K” , I was removed for not being a “team player”.

I have attended every single raid, attended ZG PTR, donated thousands of gold in the form of black lotus and other herbs + my personal time. This is not a guild with stable leadership. They act like they treat both teams equal, but it’s clear they don’t view it that way based on terms used such as “promoted” to group E, or “moving you back down ” to group K.

Loot is handled privately sometimes with no public raid chat etc… Watch out.

"Hey, im not really feeling it in group E, so i’d like to go back to Group K. The “required” buffs / expectations seem to be based on a person to person basis, and im not really interested in being held to standards that other’s can’t, won’t, or allowed to not follow. It seems weird to stack a rogue who doesn’t bother with consumables giving them every group buff possible

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PointYesterday at 7:55 PM

oh who didnt have buffs?

Yesterday at 7:55 PM


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PointYesterday at 7:55 PM

who didnt have consums

[ 7:55 PM ]

that got stacekd

Yesterday at 7:55 PM

prob the same people who dont do it every week ive been in group E

[ 7:56 PM ]

im not really feeling it in group E, so id like to go back to group K

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PointYesterday at 7:56 PM

okay no problem

[ 7:56 PM ]

can move you back down

March 25, 2020

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PointToday at 9:25 AM

hey so for moving you back down, we need to make a few changes before I can move you down

[ 9:25 AM ]

can you raid E one more week?

Today at 10:56 AM

No I’m not interested in raiding with Group E, sorry.

[ 10:57 AM ]

I’ll just wait a lock out period

[ 11:01 AM ]

Like, if you’re going to require buffs and be the team that “pushes” for timed raid clears, everyone on that raid team needs to be held to the same standards - it is clearly on a person to person basis, and im not interested in devoting my time to that style of group.

[ 11:01 AM ]

and stacking someone who doesn’t even use consumables with better party buffs is just bizarre. It’s out of touch with what your raid team’s “goals” are.

[ 11:01 AM ]

I’m not interested in being part of that kind of raid set up."

Looking for 1 warlock still and 1 hunter! <3