EU website forum link incorrectly redirecting

I’m posting this here because there is no section for website bug reports on the EU, and apparently Support can’t help over there.

I play WoW on the EU servers, use the EU Armories and the EU Forums.

Following the announcement of the new expansion, obviously there were some updates to both US and EU websites and, it appears, the EU site in some places was a straight copy/paste - so for example, if I’m on the Armories on the EU, there is a menu bar at the top with links to various locations, including the forums - which should (and usually) takes me to the EU forums. However, now it brings me to the US forums.

As no-one over on the EU can help (they’ve transferred the request to correct the link to just general discussion, from the support section), I’m hoping someone here can pass the message along. Cheers :slight_smile:

This has now been fixed. Thank you for your speedy response.