<Eternal Pantheon>T/Th 8:30-11:30 EST LFM, 10 year guild, previous CE kills, 6/9M


We are Eternal Pantheon! We are looking for a few members for Dragonflight and Beyond to round out our Mythic raiding team! With our goal obtaining CE for the current raid.

    About Us

Our raiding journey started in Legion. We have been mythic raiding since the start of Uldir in BFA. We are composed of a core group with like minded aspirations of achieving Cutting Edge every raid while maintaing a 6 hour a week raid schedule. Outside of Mythic raiding we have guild M+ runs, Heroic raids for mains/geared alts, and many guildies team up for arenas. We have several members with high Raider IO scores and high PVP ratings.

Raid Info

Raid Times: Tuesdays, Thursdays from 8:30-11:30 EST.


Uldir BoD CoS EP Ny’alotha
2/8M 9/9M 2/2H 6/8M 12/12M


7/10M 4/10M 5/11M


Vault Aburus Amd
5/8m 5/9m 6/9M

Dev Evoker- High Priority!
Warlock- High Priority!
Mage- High Priority!
WW Monk- High Priority!
Any other expectional Players of any Class

Raiding Rules
  1. Have a positive respectful attitude towards the raid leader, officers, and other members of the raid team.
  2. Know fight mechanics so well you could lead the raid on them
  3. Have a 80% attendance
  4. Have a mythic raider mindset
  5. Be prepared for raid before raid starts IE: Flask, Pots, enchants, gems
  6. Have access to Discord, your class discord, use simc/raidbots, willing to compare yourself to top players by using logs
  7. Clear at least one M+15 a week
  8. Have required add-ons: Ert, Big Wigs or DBM, and WeakAura2
  9. Most important…HAVE FUN!

Contact Info

We do not prefer the old fashioned application process. However we do prefer to have casual conversation with our recruitment officer to determine potiental fit.

If you feel you are a possible good fit for out guild then please reach out to. Or if you have any questions.


Mythic starts soon!

Lets get these mythic kills!

We are 2/8m now and still looking

Heroic raz is a thing of the past

How you doing Daro and Okhotnik

Reached out on disc and looking forward to hearing back! :slight_smile:

Still searching for members

3/8m! Still need a few

Contact me to get a trial set up today!

Needs have been updated!

Still looking for a few good players

We need to add a tank!

Hoping to round out the roster

Up Up and away

ATOC Down. Now onto mythic tuesday!

3/9m down. On to Experiments


Come on down for a trial today!

We are looking to add any dps outside evoker! Contact info is on the post.