Eternal Gladiator's Tabard Would do good to change

Why are we just getting the Cosmic Glad tabard again can you make it the Black one with the red gem that would match season 1 mount please thank you.

Show some love to the pvpers please.

Should be this one

Honestly or this one

But it shouldn’t be the same tabard as last season.

While we are at it swap the Prestigious cloak to being the red one to match last seasons, since for some reason you made the cloak match a tabard that’s not even in game.

Cosmic cloak.

What should be the Eternal Cloak


Wait, they’re not adding the recolor that has assets already in game?

I would be surprised if they didnt make a change to this like they did in legion. Simple fix

There’s a bronze tabard but I think that the black one is cooler and should’ve been implemented in s1

black definitely cooler, but i will take either as long as its not the same as s3, that’s just trolling

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I assum they will fix it at some point but lol@blizz. Laaaaaazzaaaay.

It looks like they’ve chosen the Bronze tabard.

well thats good but still disappointing that we dont get the red cloak and black tabard.

Since now we will never have the cloak to match the red tabard, nor will we have the tabard to match the black cloak.

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