<Eternal Embers> 4hr AOTC Late night raid week. LF 1 healer and RDPS

Good day all. We are an adult core group that has been raiding together since MOP. 15 of us are tied together in life and we are a close group. We raid Wednesday and Thursday nights 10pm-12 midnight central. We run a short but productive week so we can all manage our careers@family and still hit content. We also hit solid m+ levels on multiple nights. We have a mythic quality core. Several of us had our glory days in CE and all that Jazz. We have raided mythic in the past as a group, but current outlook is we will not move into mythic raiding going forward.

We are open to adding 1 healer and a couple RDPS. Prefer Resto shaman but will consider any quality healers.

If your looking for a solid home for 10.2 and into the new Saga coming feel free to hit me up. BNET Xionfalling#1834 Discord Darkleafs#2464