<Eternal Ember> - 9/9H looking to move into Mythic

Hello All,

Eternal Ember is a group of people which the core has been playing together for 10+ years. We have recently come back to the game after a fair break (3 years for myself) and are getting back into raiding. We have a good amount of people with past mythic EXP including some CE raiders, but when we came back it was more to just game with friends and hit content. We are currently 9/9H, doing one night (1.5-2h) clears and are wanting to move into mythic to keep the group engaged each tier. We are currently in need of a DPS Warrior, could take on a healer (priest/druid) as well as any range dps. All players will be considered while we build our roster up to be able to get into mythic. Any past mythic exp is a bonus as well as the current AOTC achievement.

Our raid times are pretty light, Wed/Thurs from 11pm-1am EST. That being said we want our raiders to show up prepared and ready to go to make the most out of our 2h raid nights.

If this seems like a group that interests you. Please reach out to me on Bnet “Snypeshow#1349” or on discord “snypeshow” Discord is likely the more reliable communication source for me when i am away from the computer.

Look forward to hearing from you!


Update, looking for a priest healer and RDPS (healing OS is a bonus)

Disc priest here! I am very intersted in joining!


Update, Just need a couple more RDPS to finish off the roster!