Ermergerd Spurkle Mershun <A> 4/8H Needs DPS and Healers


  • Semi-casual players looking to push raid content with gusto.
  • Tuesday and Wednesday Raid nights, 9:00 - 11:00 EST
  • Looking for all DPS or Healers
  • Primarily working adults so we expect you to be able to act like an adult and respect each other.
  • Contact me at Twidge - Medivh, Discord: Bean#1836, or Reply in the comments if you are interested and we can talk.


Hi, we are an Alliance US guild on Exodar/Medivh. We are a group of people who recently split from an extremely casual guild looking to push raid content more seriously. We are consistently 4/8 Heroic but have found that we lack the numbers we need to be able to push further reliably.

We are primarily working adults with families, as such we raid 2 days per week, from 9:00 EST - 11:00 EST. We have a fun time during trash but do expect that when explanations and boss pulls occur that you respect everyone’s time and buckle down to take it seriously.


We currently have a solid, but small, core of 10 people, plus a few recruits. We are currently recruiting up to 6 more DPS and 2 healers, no class restrictions.

Once Siege of Dazaralor is released we expect all core raiders to be iLvl 370, currently for Uldir we are looking for 350.

That said if you do not currently meet the iLvl requirement we are still happy to consider you. Gear can be acquired far more easily than skill and a winning personality.

Are you an ALTaholic? Bring 'em. We have many members with raid capable alts. We do ask that you pick a Main for raiding progression, but having backup characters is never a bad thing.

We do have people regularly running M+ as well but please know that this is not the focus of our guild, if you aren’t able to raid regularly we likely won’t be a good fit.

Our goals

Our primary goal is to clear the heroic version of Uldir, and Siege once it’s released. Once we have accomplished this we will begin looking at Mythic raiding.

We left our previous guild due to lack of commitment and to remove ourselves from unhealthy levels of guild drama. We are primarily adults and expect everyone to act that way. Conflicts happen so there’s no arbitrary “1 strike and you’re out” type of policy, but if you cannot handle arguments respectfully then we will not hesitate to remove you.

Our schedule

We raid Tuesday and Wednesday from 9:00 EST - 11:00 EST. A raid may be extended if everyone is on board but due to work and kids this happens rarely.

Additionally we try to organize PVP on Monday nights at raid time. This is just intended for having fun with your guild and is not a mandatory activity.

Its important to note that since most of us work during the day, the highest activity in the guild occurs during the evening and early night.

Contact information Contact me in game at Twidge-Medivh or reply in the comments and we will discuss getting you into discord with us for an M+ or Raid, depending on the night, to see how you mesh with us and vice versa, and to assess your level of skill.