Eranikus New PvP Server

DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT MOVE TO THIS SERVER IF YOU HAVE ANY PLANS OF BUYING THE BOOST PACK THEY ARE LITERALLY ROBBING PEOPLE BUY NOT TELLING THEM! They let you buy the pack an no where does it say you can’t use the boost on new servers this is false advertising and I hope they get brought down for it my friend now can’t use what he spent money on and it’s gonna take 2+ weeks from contacting someone who will even speak to you to getting the money back this is unacceptable DO NOT LEAVE YOUR SERVERS ITS A TRAP!

They stated its in the process of being resolved

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Yea 6 months after the expansion has started you can use your boost what a great fix

There is a blue post that says you will have to wait 180 days

Wait. We’re you in a guild called genesis on farleina ?


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We looked into this, and we believe we know what’s causing the bug. We don’t quite know how long it’s going to take to fix, but we will make the Boost service available on Eranikus as soon as we can.

Unfortunately no
Grobb POW :joy:

I knew somebody with the same name in that guild

Apparently another post from a blizzard employee on wowhead or something said the issue is Eranikus being the same status as Skyfury (new) and once it’s put in the correct category it will be resolved. One poster added his took 3 days to get his boost on Eranikus

Well I hope it only takes 3 days cause my friend is now out 60 bucks and he only had one charcter so he can’t make a new one and boost on any of the servers that have access to transfer to this server so he just has a boost that says can’t be used and he already doesn’t wanna play

Could you link the post about the 3 day thing? Also I saw on one post you said it should be fixed next week where did you read that?

Any updates?

Why not just boost and then transfer said boosted character to the server

Blizzard Support responded to my wife saying “Erankius is NOT blocking Character Boost so you should be able to boost without any issues” MARKED AS ANSWERED…

Even Support doesnt know this is a problem

i just transfered from faerlina to eranikus, rather be in a balanced faction realm than in that full of hordes one, i am doing my part to balance things i hope other players do the same.


I will be following you there because I would like to actually play the game some time during this expansion.

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Is this an east or west coast server?

eranikus is east coast time zone

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