Eranikus - Character Boost

I opened a ticket and asked before I found this thread, and the response I received directly contradicted this statement by saying that there was no intention to allow the boost to be used on Eranikus. When I pointed out that that was bizarre, given that you could just boost a character on Faerlina and xfer it, or how people were xferring their 70s, I was told that Eranikus is ‘new’ and apparently it states somewhere that I have not seen, that the boost cannot be used on ‘new’ servers with the prepatch.

I linked this thread and asked for any information regarding the blue post, and was told that they ‘did not have any information on that post at this time’. So basically, from what I can see, either the GM who posted here is incorrect, or Blizzard has not shared this information with their customer support team. I’m hoping to get a clarification here.

so in this case I feel like GM’s aren’t the right path for information.
I have a thread on the Customer Support page about Boosts on Eranikus, one person put in a ticket and shared with us what the reply was:

"I understand that you’ve been unable to apply your boost to your character on Eranikus. I quickly started investigating this for you!

After looking into things, it seems that you should be able to apply the boost to this character and there are no restrictions that would stop this. It looks like you opened this ticket very shortly after making the purchase, so it was still likely processing and not ready to be used.

At this point, the order is completed, so you can feel free to use it. You may need to relog and create a level 1 character on the realm to see the boost."

If 5 people put in tickets regarding this, I guarantee all 5 would be vastly different statements. they simply do not know.

Hey Kaivax, any news or updates? We have only one more reset/maintenance before launch and a lot of us who took the FCM are nervous about being able to use our boosts by launch.


Any updates blizzard please

Blizzard Support responded to my wife saying “Erankius is NOT blocking Character Boost so you should be able to boost without any issues” MARKED AS ANSWERED…

Even Support doesnt know this is a problem

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Looks like we won’t we able to boost in Eranikus before Wrath goes live :c

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I’m going to be surprised if Blizz says anything about anything before Wrath. Just ignore the problems and they don’t exist, right? yesyes, there are no problems.

There’s been quite a few things broken with Eranikus compared to other new servers since they added them. It acted just like a fresh server when made with almost every raid locked, boosts obviously turned off (still despite identifying to issue supposedly), the free transfers randomly turned off one night, you couldn’t make DK’s without level 55’s for a bit. Just all around a weird start to a server.

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when/if the issue gets resolved, we will surely get a blue post stating nothing more than “The issue regarding Character Boosts on Eranikus has been resolved! Players are now able to use their Level 70 Characters Boosts on Eranikus”

I doubt Blizzard would verify that they screwed up and released a half baked fresh server that was transitioned to be used as a new server for free transfers off mega-realms. the amount of refund requests for subscriptions and Heroic/Epic upgrades would be a lot higher

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I was just contacted by Blizzard Support and they said the following:

“I see you have characters on Eranikus, Pagle, and Whitemane. These realms should not have limitation for Boost. However, if you are trying to use your Boost on one of the fresh-start realms, the Boost would not be available.”

There is some serious confusion going on behind those doors Blizzard, please figure this out.

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So we now have 2 ticket responses where Blizzard employees are completely unaware of this issue that is supposedly being worked on. What is the deal? My own ticket which I submitted 7 days ago concerning this issue still has had no response.

The community is very excited about WotLK Classic and it seems like no effort/support is being afforded for these problems with PAID SERVICES. We paid for an in-game service that we are unable to use. Requesting a refund is one thing, but why continue to invest time and subscription fees in a company that can’t deliver a bought and paid for service, and even refuses to acknowledge that an issue with said service exists?

the paid service isn’t an issue, it can be used (on other realms) the way they botched Eranikus is the issue

Well, it’d be nice to get a response from them either way. There’s a thread full of people who migrated from their overpopulated servers to Eranikus in order to play their boosts and can’t. And we’re receiving mixed messages from blue posts and customer tickets.

we have, just a bunch of different responses, which is the issue. A lot of people are in a bad situation because of it.

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I’m thinking they meant an actual response, one that isn’t plagued with inconsistencies.

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the only ‘actual response’ was a single blue post that can be seen on blue tracker, but that was a week ago, all other responses via tickets that we’ve seen since then contradict that post and are not adding up

Yes, that’s the entire point. Getting an ‘actual’ response would mean a response that doesn’t contradict any other post or response. That’s what I assume that particular player meant.

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the issue is the response teams, there’s customer support, community managers, game masters, all give different answers.

why I say they’ve given an actual response is because when a blue post is posted on blue tracker that’s (in the communities eye’s) an official response that we can hold some merit too

Technically, ANYTHING from Blizzard is an official post, unless otherwise stated.

What we NEED is an actual response from Blizzard that states the actual response, AND why some people were given incorrect or incomplete information.

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unfortunately that’s not true, if it were an official post, you would see the same answers across the board, there would be no different answers, and one solid statement.

as I said the different teams aren’t the ones in the know, it’s a pipeline of information.

for (a very poor) example, do you think customer service reps for big cell or internet companies know the fine details? hell no, they are given a standard of how to respond, the good old ‘script’

No, you wouldn’t. This happens all the time in life. Official statements are provided, and companies have to go back and rerelease particular statements because they were incorrect or incomplete. ALL THE TIME.

It depends on the situation at hand.

At a cell phone service company, that’s why you can hold someone accountable for what they say (If they say they’ll give you a free month or whatever, for example)