[Era] [A] Legacy & Tales from Naxxramas: Four Horsemen defeated

In the heart of Ironforge, a tavern pulsates with life and mead. Its dimly lit corners echo with the mirth of patrons enjoying the warmth of camaraderie and the comforting scent of Dwarven Mild cheese. At the center of the room stands Jarl, a gray bearded dwarf priest, ready to regale the crowd with the latest tale of Legacy’s exploits in the dread necropolis of Naxxramas.

“The hearth’s glow sets the stage for a tale,” Jarl begins, his voice carrying across the tavern. “Legacy, our brave kin, dared to face the Four Horsemen in the dread halls of Naxxramas.”

As Jarl recounts the valiant struggle, the audience is transported to the darkened halls of the necropolis. The ominous presence of the Four Horsemen looms large, each embodying a facet of death’s relentless grip.

“Thane Korth’azz, the fiery warlord, wielded flame like a symphony of destruction,” Jarl recounts. “Lady Blaumeux, cloaked in shadow, and Sir Zeliek, the bearer of the Light, stood as sentinels of the undead. In their wake, Legacy’s raiders danced around the room, a whirlwind of chaos and determination.”

Jarl takes a moment to delve into the legend of the Ashbringer, the legendary sword once wielded by the fallen Mograine. “The Ashbringer,” he says, “forged with righteousness, fell to corruption. Mograine’s legacy lives on, entwined with the very fabric of our story.”

In the heat of battle, Legacy faced the relentless onslaught, and as Jarl recounts, “A human warrior among us, Regulos, stepped forward. With a mighty swing, he drove the final blow through Mograine, claiming the corrupted Ashbringer as his own.”

After the battle subsided, Regulos lead Legacy to the Scarlet Monastery, where the scarlet crusaders salute him as he declares himself the new bearer of the Ashbringer. There, in the hallowed halls, Mograine’s ghost returns, an eerie reunion marking the passing of an age.

With the tale of triumph echoing in the tavern, Jarl shifts to a call to arms. “To those seeking glory and kinship, join Legacy! We march to Naxxramas, where our ranks assemble on the venerable Grobbulus server, Monday and Friday nights between 7 PM and 10 PM Pacific Time.”

The scene unfolds in the narrator’s description, as Legacy, nearly forty strong, marches into Sapphiron’s lair. The cavernous expanse, frigid and foreboding, lays bare the animated bones of the frost dragon Sapphiron. Legacy stands at the icy threshold, the Light swirling around them, ready to face the final challenges that lie ahead. With a resounding battle cry, Legacy steps into the abyss, the scene fading to an icy cold black.

“Join us,” Jarl’s voice echoes in the minds of those gathered. “Stand beside us as we confront Sapphiron and Kel’Thuzad. Let Azeroth be free from the shadows that linger. Legacy beckons, and the adventure awaits.”

Adventure awaits in Sapphiron’s Lair. Join us: https://discord.gg/32p4trBX7M

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