Epsilon is recruiting!


Epsilon is recruiting!
We’re currently looking for raid members and others to join our community~
We’ve completed all of normal Battle for Dazar’Alor and are 4/9 on heroic.
We raid Saturdays and Sundays 7:30pm server time for 2 hours with normal runs on Tuesday and Wednesday 7:30pm server time for 2 hours.
We push mythic+ as well, we try to get as many 10+ keys and up in a week that we can and 8+ keys for lower members that require more gear.
We are willing to give anyone a shot but are really hoping to find others that are 120 heroic ready with knowledge of the current raid.
We’re a friendly guild made up of mostly adults and have people online from the morning till late at night :slight_smile:
If this sounds like a fit for you please message Impvaderzim in game for an invite!