Epic World PvP in classic

I miss stuff like this. We were having fun like this on emerald dream till blizzard screwed us with sharding and crz and other BS we didnt want!

I still refuse to click his videos but seens screenshots


Actually anything related to WoW can be a GD forum thread.


Blizzard please give me BETA just this once!!

As someone who never played classic, I’m very excited for this. I’m looking forward to playing on an actual PVP server, and not the BS that is War Mode.


And if that was the case why did they create an entire section of the forum and move threads from general discussion to that section - they also continue to do so as well once they get reported or noticed.


I remember the day honor points were introduced. It was chaos in every zone, i was on a pvp server, then weeks later it gradually shifted towards Southshore. Top player was rank 12 before battlegrounds even came out.

Sounds like you need to take a read then. It’s within the first 2 sentences.

Classic isn’t world of warcraft - it doesn’t even exist yet. Sorry.

There will be major backlash if you guys keep on insisting spamming this section of this forum with classic.


coughs up drink laughing


Dude nobody cares, people post passing actor, weather forecast, roleplay, ERP kiss marry, all the time.

Why are you even here? to police forum or something?

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For the love of sunday, who were the weaklings that had my post removed. It’s pretty bad when you can’t handle banter on the day you expect it.

Come play Classic with us Spodge. Come play Classic with us Spodge. Come play Classic with us Spodge.

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All I have to say is it better not be a dang lag fest , I’ve encountered servers crashing due to the large scale wpvp.

Are they doing separate pve and pvp servers?

Another pure classic post, honestly the target audience for this should probably be the classic forums.

I usually tune out when his name comes up, but watching Asmondork get owned is very entertaining.

The best part about Classic was that you could hear the opposing faction use their /laugh emotes.

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Ya, don’t care.

Khaleesi, 64 cloudy, forsooth my good cow.

Yes. Currently in Beta they have 3 options. PvP, PvE, or the limited availability stress test server.