Epic BGs: 3's or 5's Battlegrounds Idea

I can’t remember the last time I queued an Epic BG for purposes other than the weekly. I think it could be unbearably rad to repurpose [EDIT: Or, make a dif game mode / as a Brawl or something. This is a masterclass in using language carefully my friends. Unlike I did when first posting. Just wanted to present the idea of this as a fresh take on the existing maps, not meaning to alienate those that live to love the current EpicBG experience.] the maps into a modern BG style format like you see in games like Apex Legends, etc.

Queue’s of 3 (or 5, or X) are dropped in the map and fights are forced more central via a condensing circle. Haven’t thought out perks aside from berserking/healing - as stealth comps would be pretty OP with third partying groups. It’s a large undertaking but could be wiild.



So…like an arena, but on an epic BG map?

Or…like an actual epic BG, with bases and vehicles and towers and NPCs and Generals, and all that, just with 3 people on each team?

Like 20 teams of 3v3. Last team standing wins the whole show. A circle starting at the edges of the map forces everyone closer.

Nodes and stuff don’t cap resources but instead there’s like maybe a berserker buff there that people fight near / try to get. Just a ultra big arena-esque deathmatch.

No need for bosses and stuff since there’s no objective but to survive / thrive

The problem is that, with stealth classes, there is a viable “just hide until everyone else is dead” strategy.

Yup - BG style games have loot centralized at little bases / mini-bases and that’s typically where team fight happen. I’d assume Blizz would need to do that as well. Drop Zerking and Arena Stealth Vision into stuff like that.

Take AV as an example. Set the circle so games only take 15 mins, 5 rounds of 3 mins where the circle starts at the full map, and ends at korak in the middle. Zerking and Leafs replace the generals throughout so people typically fight over those resources. Arena eyes could be available at every old flag position (remember no npcs now) + entrance of every previous tower or general’s building. It would be on the teams to decide to go for the vision or risk being ambushed by a stealth comp. There would be plenty of eyes available though if needed

There are hundreds of thousands of players who enjoy Epic Battlegrounds who would be against these suggestions.

Rather than assuming everyone is like you and only queues during the quest (they don’t) and suggesting they repurpose content players are already enjoying, your suggestion better fits a ‘brawl’ where these types of experiments can run without impacting content others enjoy.

I also don’t see how this differs from Ashran or Tarren Mill vs Southshore, or Packed House, all battlegrounds and brawls where the primary objective is to kill players (I am aware Ashran has a kill the leader objective. Most games end with player kills.)

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Oh thanks for pointing that out.

Sorry, misread. Didn’t realize you said “repurpose” (as in, you want to remove the BGs). I thought you meant as in, you wanted to add something extra, as opposed to replacing what we have.

Yeah, goodbye.
Your suggestion is horrible.

Then make it a dif game mode. Didn’t realize the game mode had such high engagement, as it really appears not such. Edit: it would be utterly fascinating to see the engagement / play numbers for all systems

Brawl works for a start maybe yeah good suggestion.

Edited the original post to reflect this text change.