Entrance for Gnomeregan Pet Dungeon?

Ok first off I play Horde,
I tried entering through the portal at Stranglethorne Vale but that puts me in the regular dungeon, not the pet dungeon.
I’ve tried entering through the entrance in Tinkertown, and the guards are level 123 and murder me very quickly.
What am I missing? Am I too dumb for pet battles?

Then I did get passed by the guards on my hunter by running in a feigning death, but it shows the quest dude as being outside. Then when I go outside I cannot find him anywhere (micro zoox I think his name was).

Same issue here. Cant find the quest giver anywhere. Very frustrating.

Do both of you have the breadcrumb quest from Radek Fuselock (located inside Happy Haloaua’s residence in Dazar’alor)? For Alliance it starts with Tizzy Gearjolt (outside of Dana Pull’s store in Boralus).

The quest “Trouble In Gnomeregan” requires player level 120. Once you pick it up you should be able to speak with Micro Zoox just outside the Gnomeregan portal, and he’ll teleport you into the Pet Dungeon.


I think that is the problem. I have the breadcrumb quest. I just cant seem to find Micro Zoox as he is not outside the STV teleporter and going in the main entrance through DM gets me killed.

Yeah I can’t find him either. He’s nowhere near the ? next to Gnomeregan on my map.

I had to go onto my alliance 120 to figure this out. Basically though if you’re horde you have to fly past the guards outside and most surely get instantly destroyed by the imba guards.

Once you’re inside the Micro Zoox is standing outside the portal, which you can see on the map.

This is much simpler if you’re on an alliance 120.

After you complete the intro quest thing you’ll be given a teleport directly to gnomergan. Am just about to do this bit.

Edit: by the way, ignore the question mark by the outside entrance, it’s bogus.


Once you go down the elevator, where do you go next? Been going in circles trying to find him.

Found him. Go down the elevator and turn left until you run into him.

I see you found it. But yeah, for anyone else reading. down at the end of the hall, not near the outside entrance. Find the instance portal, Zoox is standing next to it.

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I was standing right next to the entrance portal, after opening a door, no zoox, I will try again later.

Found him - thanks all!

Very amusing how you pretty much have to die as horde to get to do the dungeon.

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Once you’ve finished doing it the first time you’re indeed able to port directly to the dungeon from Dazar’alor and the pet shop in Dalaran.

Isn’t there a teleporter for Horde from Stranglethorn Vale (Grom) that goes to just beside the instance entrance? (It’s been a while, my memory may be muddled)

No, it takes you inside the instance, and then if you walk out it teleports you back to grom gol. it’s annoying.


Guess the one person working on pet battles at blizz plays Alliance

Salt in the wound: there is a much closer spirit healer in New Tinkertown, but that’s the gnome starting area so Horde can’t use it

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Meh. Suffer, Hordies. You get three quests that reward pets in BfA and Alliance gets one. I’m perfectly fine with you guys having to die once to get to the new pet dungeon to say nothing of the long trip to get there. We just port to Ironforge and fly the rest of the way.

They’ll probably put the next one in Ragefire Chasm. (I wonder how many times my Alliance toons will have to die before I can even get to the entrance.)

Now that that’s out of the way, you need to go down the elevator. The question mark appears to be in a solid wall. Ignore it.

Once you exit the elevator, go left, toward the Gnomeregan entrance. The NPC is standing right there right outside the Zone In. He sells three pets and a schematic for your Engineer (if you have one) to make a Mechanical Spider pet. My engineer has one, and it’s not especially demanding on mats.

Anyone want the crafted pet? Mechantula I think it’s called. I’ll can make one and mail it to you on your server. You’ll have to level and blue stone it yourself, though.

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We don’t talk to people that way in this forum. You’re…harshing the calm, John Spartan.

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