Entangling Roots in Arena

Curious if folks are using entangling roots in arena much and what classes do you have best success with? It seems like most classes can break them easily now so curious if its even worth doing.

Also, anyone running Mass Entanglement regularly?

yes, it’s very good at classes that have mobility problems, like Paladins and DK’s. Actually, snares and roots are good on everyone in Arena, because it forces the player to use a global or dispel/mana to deal with them.

I’m not sure about using mass entanglement in Arena though - I honestly think the other two would help you out more. Don’t forget, there’s a soulbind that also can improve your snares by slowing enemies for a couple seconds when they’re removed/dispelled :slight_smile:

I personally use Bash, because it’s better protection on a shorter cooldown, but hope that helps. :smiley:

Thank you very much, this is helpful. I am playing with a hunter so figure we could get more use out of Mass Ent vs melee comps.

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Every game. Ferals get an instant roots proc. Roots are super useful for many situations.

I’m nobody but I think you should definitely be taking might bash and relying on procs for roots.

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Also consider what classes you are grouping with. A rogue will have so many stuns and most likely be very good at knowing when to use them , so it might be better for you to have mass root so hes stuns doesnt suffer from DR. And he wont have root ^^ instant aoe root can be useful agaisnt melee teams.

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Mass Roots = CC’ed Pets

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Mass Root is a better option for many comps due to DR. You may even get to throw out a Maim once in a while lol