Enslaving demons, is it wrong?

They are demons, which I’m not sure you understand, but demons suck, big time. My race has a racial that I get a 20% xp buff just for killing them. Enslaving them is the only way, both in game and through traditional demonological texts, that they can be made to work with/for humans and not against them, which is their natural urge. They are very antagonistic in this game too or didn’t you play legion?

Save the DEMONS!? Sorry but I must kindly direct you to gtfo.

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Certainly on a roll with your troll threads today.

Maybe next time dont make a thread based off the trending YT WoW topics.

Wow, that physically hurt me it was so wrong - Go read Lord of the Clans by Christie Golden, or at least look at thrall’s wiki. :face_exhaling:

Thrall is old norse for slave - the human named Blackmoore found the orphaned orc baby and gave him that name to remind him of his status as Blackmoore’s property. Originally he kept the name out of spite of Blackmoore, but later I think his reasons changed a bit.

The demons are kind of into it. The trick is to be uncompromisingly dominant and make them call you sir.

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“Why are we enslaving demons???/”

proceeds to genocide each and every part of the game cause “loot and quests”.


Then this is the discussion for you. :slight_smile:

Says the Priest who summons a literal void abberation to do its bidding as a slave. Also you are a priest you have altar boys and who knows what happens in the basement of Stormwind’s cathedral.

It’s not a defense. I’m not defending anything. Op said it was inhuman. If demons aren’t human then who cares. Really straightforward and has literally zero to do with real humans of any sort, so your tangent about witch trials is completely irrelevant. I like how you keep rolling your eyes like im the one saying weird random stuff, though.

Cupcake you do whatever you want. You’re the one that addressed me.

Well genocidal demons from another dimension aren’t exactly entitled to human rights now I imagine OP.

Subjugate is just Stellaris for Enslavement.

If you know you know.

Anyway back to the point at hand, This isn’t even bait, They just threw the whole fishing rod into the lake.

Power-trip? You are reaching pretty far there OP. Class fantasy is based on myth and legend from around the world. Warlocks enslave demons. If you are unable to separate the real world from fantasy I do not know what else to say. The comparison of enslaving a summoned demon from the twisting nether in a fantasy world to our real world is foolish. We play games that differ from our real world FOR THAT VERY REASON. Why would I play a game where I go to work from 9-5 and do boring things?

I would put several occupied orphanages to the torch for the Azerothian equivalent to a Klondike bar.

And, I pointed out “inhumane” things that do happen to non-demons 'cause that was your argument.

So is mine.

And, I said you didn’t specify this (until now). I even said, earlier:

I am aware “they’re not real”, but that was not your argument, intially.

No, it’s relevant that messed up stuff happen to non-demons, as well, since you did not specify “real humans”. The word “real” was never typed out, by you, until now.

'Cause you think you’re being so clever, but you aren’t. The word “human” does NOT equal “real humans”. You want to talk about “real humans”, then you say that. Otherwise, just saying the word “human” (which is what you said):

Does NOT indicate you’re talking about “real people”. Unlike this person:

Who actually specified “real people”.

In fact, you changed your tune away from “demon=/=human” to “this game=/=real life”. Two totally different messages.

'Cause I can name plenty of Humans, that have gone thtough terrible lore, and it’s messed up, that aren’t demons.


I mistankingly thought you’d be able to hold a decent coversation, but you just wanna argue, for the sake of it.

Blocking you, now, since you can’t see where you went wrong and just want to fight.

Have a good one.

No. It wasn’t.

I am not now, nor have i in any point in this conversation spoken about, made reference to, or even acknowledged “real humans”. The only time I ever typed that was in an effort to make it clear to you that you were talking about something i wasn’t.

Nor is it my argument now…

Good thing since at no point have i spoken about real humans. You keep trying to apply that to what I’m saying, and you’re just embarrassing yourself.

WHEN AND IF i choose to talk about real humans, i will do so.

No. I didn’t. You just seem to be having a really hard time understanding and following this conversation.

Again, no one gives a crap. You’re making up an argument i didn’t make and then arguing against your made up argument.

I have only ever responded to your idiotic replies. You can’t start crap with me and then pretend like I’m the one arguing because i feel like arguing.

Thank god. Your stupidity was making my head hurt.

So you basically just restated what I said apparently objecting to my characterization of the name as a nickname? Pseudonym seems less correct. Title doesn’t really apply. I think you are arguing for the sake of it. He doesn’t need a rename because he has a name already.

Or are you implying that I am not aware of the definition of the word thrall? Whatever. This is two minutes of my life that I’ll never get back.

All of that aside, Christie Golden…bleh!

First let me reiterate I was being facetious when I originally brought up thrall’s name - I neither believe it should nor want his name changed.

Secondly, trying to gaslight me will not make your statement correct. If you don’t want to read the book or do some research fine but at least don’t flee screaming when someone corrects you.


Why cant we hide certain forum posts…sigh.

They did remove this from the game.

  1. It’s called Subjugate Demon now.
  2. It’s functionally a worthless spell. Actually, it’s less than worthless. Demons are immune to it, and if you use it your current demon disappears.

I understand you’re making a satirical post, but the things you’re joking about… already happened.

The enslavement of demons is the only way to ensure your protection from the little beast

We play in a pre enlightened world?

I got nothing else. Fictional Demon rights isn’t something I expected to see this early in the day.