Enshadowed - US Stormreaver LF Raiders

Enshadowed is a semi-casual raiding guild made up of a group of players who have been raiding together since Wrath. After a break from raiding in BFA we are currently back in action and looking for solid raiders to join and rebuild our roster. As of 2/26/2021 9/10 Heroic.

Looking for: DPS (especially ranged), Healers who can off-spec DPS.

Raid times are: Tuesday and Thursday: 9pm to 11:30pm Server (10pm - 12:30pmEST)

Returning players, Mythic Plus Busters and anyone looking for a home is also welcome to join and be part of our community.

You can apply directly to the Guild finder search for “Enshadowed” in-game on US-Stormreaver or whisper Kayliee (battlenet Id:Ree#1799) for more details.