Enough with the 2H Tanking!


I have had few issues with 2handed tanks. Provided they’re trying to keep threat on them, I can deal with one that takes a bit more damage.

The only issues that have sprouted from this composition are the exact same issues that will inevitably come even if the tank had a shield: DPS not respecting aggro, attacking the polymorphed/rooted mob, etc.

Stop blaming tanks for everything.


Even if the hunter does, what’s going to happen? They pull aggro? So what?

I can think of a couple of scenarios:

  1. The healer burns some additional mana healing the hunter.
  2. The tank walks over (or dumps pooled rage, swaps to berserker stance, intercepts, and taunts, then walks back to the pack being tanked)
  3. The hunter makes use of hunter skills, such as maybe disengage, has their pet taunt the mob, then target the tank’s target, walking the aggro’ed mob right to the tank.
  4. The hunter walks the aggro’ed mob to the tank
  5. The hunter dies.

None of those seem particularly difficult or important.


Then explain how I can do a Cath run with a Tank with a shield and never have to drink even once. In fact, comparing 2 runs back to back, the first with a level 42 2H Tank, I had to struggle to keep both him and the DPS alive. On the next, with a level 38 shield-wearing Tank, it was a breeze. I literally never drank a single time.

As far as being new to “Vanilla”, yeah, I am. Started in TBC.


Explain to me how I can do two runs by the time you get done with one?

I mean you’re comparing two completely different players and two completely different runs. The amount of different variables is mind boggling.

Had the tank ever tanked before? What was their gear like? What level were they? What level were the mobs you were fighting? How was your groups DPS? Did they have AoE as well? Was the DPS geared? Were they actually doing DPS? Did they have AoE at all?

Trying to say “But i had 2 runs go completely different!” is laughable at best. You could have 2 runs go completely different with the same sword and board tank, buddy.


Healers are such prima donnas. You have the least amount of buttons to mash and you still whine. Oh sorry, you have to drink water after every fight, now you have to press 3 buttons instead of 2.


Considering how little rage you generate with S&B, there’s a reason why we prefer tanking with a 2H.


Not completely sure if we are talking about low level dungeons, or high level dungeons, but I was healing RFK two days ago, and after the first pull the tank asked if he could use a 2H.

Group consisted of:
ele? Shaman
Feral Druid
Priest (me)

The warrior asked if he could use a 2H for now, and I said sure. I assumed he meant unless he needed a shield at some point. I had him chain pulling as long as I was above 50% mana, and I think I only stopped to drink twice the entire instance. A couple times we accidentally pulled a patrol of 3 or so, and no one ever died. Honestly, I didn’t even notice that he took any more damage than previous tanks did with shields…

And on that note, I think one of the best tanks I’ve had so far was my cousin on his enhance shaman. Using a 1h and shield. Not sure how efficient it is for the shaman, but he held threat just fine, didn’t take too much damage and the runs were quick.

Again, it could just be because it’s low level content, and not 40+ stuff, but I’ve never had an issue. I’ve never really cared who gets aggro, or who pulls, or who stands in the fire. I also rarely keep the tank at 100% health, I usually start and stop casting until they are about 50%. If the dps is above 70% health, I don’t even bother healing them unless they are maintaining threat.

TL;DR - No mana problems healing a 2H tank around level 28-30.


For the record, the first run was 40 minutes. The second was roughly 25.

I gave you the levels (42 and 38) and the DPS remained the same (2 mages and a lock, I remember because they are guildmates).

If the tank never tanked before, starting in Cath with people he doesn’t know, and not informing them, isn’t the best idea.

The 42 Tank was wearing a full Herod set, minus the legs. Also had that big axe that looks kinda like a throwing star (Idk what it was called). The 38 was wearing a typical clown suit. Can’t say how geared he was.

Any other questions? This isn’t a unique situation. It happens every-single-time I heal for a 2H Tank. I never have issue with a shield user. Being that I have only my personal experience to call upon, I stand by my statement that 2H Tanks put more work upon a Healer than is necessary.


Horrible troll post.

I’m Ret and I’ve tanked a few dungeons so far with 0 problems.

Not a lot of people level as a tank, so dungeons are tuned to the point where you do not HAVE to have one to complete it.


Uh… yeah they were. I played on a high population server in vanilla and S&B tanks were not common… at least until 60.


Eh my experiences have varried a lot. Sometimes they’re good, sometimes they’re bad for both.

If the groups DPS isn’t bursty / aoe-ish enough a 2h tank will almost always fail. 2h tanks specialize in killing groups and fast.

sword and board have a harder time keeping threat usually. While safer, take way longer to kill things.


It’s a coping mechanism for those who can’t tank properly.

I sort of sympathise with them, people are too used to the Refail standard, tanking multiple adds with ease. Classic requires a level of skill most don’t possess to mutli-add tank, they won’t learn and will eventually fade out.

Just be patient, pity them, and know that real tanks do exist.


It’s just a bunch of retail babies who aren’t used to actually having to work a little bit to properly build up and maintain threat. Rather than study their class from the perspective of Classic WoW, they take the lazy path of just slapping on a big 2-Hander and DPS tanking, which absolutely does put more stress on healers. The really fun times are when you get a 2H Tank who also neglects to wait for the healer to mana up after a few pulls and charges into the next group. If this happens more than once after I ask them to wait, they get to corpse walk and find a new healer.


I kind of enjoy it as a healer. Solo healing an entire UBRS run the other day was fun.


Sort of part of this but haven’t seen it before… I had a tank doing SM Cath last night and he was using a shield but had a curse on him from another player that added 20 damage or something… it worked pretty well because he had the shield for mitigation and blocks etc… but took a bit more damage and was never out of rage…

(Doomgard) #217

well your alliance so you dont have windfury BUT

Tank: “wanna wait for 3 sunders before engaging mages mages?”
Mage: “no”
Tank: “wanna CC 2 of these mobs to make it a 3 man pull instead of 5-6+?”
group: “no”

well guess what Charge-sweepingstrikes-berserker stance-bloodrage-whirlwind-cleave into defensive stance+shield is what your going to get.

but again its classic its simple as all hell if your not 2hnd tanking on pulls your playing with training wheels on


I’ve always felt that zf was the warm-up to true tanking, and st is where you see who is a good tank and who isn’t.

So my (sincere) question is: how are 2h tanks doing in st?


Hey guys, resto shaman here. I don’t mind non shield using tanks. Sometimes it’s more mana efficient to blow things up if I’m running with a guild group that has a lot of DPS going out.

Also, threat. It’s helpful if they hold threat. If the tank is getting destroyed and the healer can’t keep up - maybe the conversation should be: Hey, please put on a shield. You’re making this hard.

But, it isn’t always hard without a shield.


Or, and call me crazy… if you dont want a tank that wields a 2H, dont invite one. Or leave the group. Don’t get all angry over someone wielding the wronf pixels and rage about it.


I’ve effectively tanked every dungeon so far with a 2h. For a while I was using Ravager, now I’m using Kang the Decapitator.

Last night we were spamming ZF runs and the priest healer said “This is amazing man, most warriors won’t tank with a 2h and here you are doing it as a Shaman.” The entire pug group ended up adding each other as friends.


Did it happen in vanilla, yes. Was it still bad in vanilla, also yes. this is not one of those arguments that holds up by saying “but it happened in vanilla”. you know what also was a thing in vanilla? rogue tanks, that happened in early vanilla, does it mean its great and worth doing? no, not at all, it was barely viable and only worked on the lower level dungeons consistently. if your a warrior and going to tank, use a damn, shield, dont worry about your dps, worry about mitigation. its better for the whole group.