Enjoy doing m+ for your gear

This is so dumb lmao

This is why Dark FORCED me to make a prot legendary first :sob: I’ll never see the inside of an arena again. He’s going to make me tank and tank and kill every boss until his weapons’ drop… then he’s going to switch alts. :sob:


No - it should be 2200 for one week. the next week it would be 2750 (according to the post)

So quick math:

By week four you should have collected a total of :

week 1: 550
week 2 1100
week 3: 1650
week 4: 2200
total by week 4: 5500

Do you use conquest to upgrade the gear or honor?

Well you didn’t read the post I guess…

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JESUS how do people not understand this it’s so simple.

says it in the post CLEAR as day.


hmm this was taken directly from wow head post:

For PvP players, the weekly Conquest cap will start at 550 and increase by 550 per week.

Blizzard clarified it 5 mins ago

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It’s a catch up mechanic, it’s only 550 per week each week, not stacking accumulatively.


Yikes 10 char

this blows then.

thank you blizz for teasing us

No, thats regarding the Cacthup.

The Cap is maximum you can of ever earned and that increases by 550 a week.

So if you miss week 1, you can come and earn 1100 week 2, but if you got 550 week 1, you can earn 550 week 2.

Just like BFA.

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None of you are accounting for the weekly chest. That still gives you one good piece per weekly that is saving you 700-900 conquest.


Assuming it actually gives you something good


BTW, I am just soaking in the Gloat, how I been saying this would happen for MONTHS And everyone said.

“NA your a pessimist”
“Na your tripping”
“Na they wont do that”

Whos wrong now…


You have a 1 in 3 chance for it to be good. thats decent odds compared to bfa.

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It’s random right? So it potentially give you a copy piece through weekly chest

Still a trash system. My hype for this xpac literally just went from a 10 to about a 3.


You also have a chance of being the same piece in 2 options.

They said that was a bug, but never fixed it AFAIK.

iirc it can’t be the same slot in each option