Enhance Arena positioning


So in arenas I would like to hear about positioning. There are a lot of invisible enemies we deal with and unless we took the wolf charge it generally seems safer to start in wolf so we get a bit of damage reduction and movement.
But where do you guys stand?

Also I got deleted by a rogue and druid who were both invisible and just popped up and cleaned me. Any ideas on what I can be doing to move a bit better?

Any help is appreciated

That’s what you get for playing enh shaman in pvp


The only way you will have moderate success as enhance is to play extremely defensive. Never chase an enemy behind a pillar, stay back on your own pillar, make sure your healer is always in your LoS, put all your efforts into stopping cc on your heals, and don’t use astral shift poorly or you die

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Thanks. I’ll give it a shot

unfortunately u dont move better than most of the melee classes out there except dk/war/ret maybe. Id say just wolf tank them with verse stacked stats and a safeguard or battlemmasters trinket also helps.

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