Enhance alpha update

By Nimox 1 hr 58 min ago (Patch 9.2.7)Source#47

Enhancement Shaman,

Several changes are coming in the next build you receive, in addition to several bug fixes. We also removed a -35% damage and healing modifier to your spells that benefit from Maelstrom Weapon in an effort to make your spells more impactful, but may have to reintroduce this as tuning goes on.

Talent Changes:

  • Primal Primer is no longer an option in the tree.
    • Primal Primer and Primal Lava Actuators were two different ways of making Lava Lash better. We opted to keep Primal Lava Actuators.
  • Hailstorm now provides your next Frost Shock a bonus for up to 10 Maelstrom Weapon charges spent to better work with Overflowing Maelstrom. The maximum bonus targets is still limited to 5.
  • Stormstrike now replaces Primal Strike.
  • Doom Winds now does some immediate damage when you activate the ability.
  • Ice Strike’s Frost Shock buff now highlights Frost Shock.
  • Alpha Wolf now works with Chain Lightning, rather than Crash Lightning so you do not have to take Crash Lightning to get the benefit.
  • Ascendance now is now a choice node vs Deeply Rooted Elements.
  • Thorim’s Invocation now remembers whether you most recently cast Lightning Bolt or Chain Lightning, and uses that spell when you use Windstrike, rather than always using Lightning Bolt.
  • Chain Lightning (rank 2) functionality baked into Crash Lightning/Chain Lightning interactions.
  • New 1-point talent: Crashing Storms: Crash Lightning damage increased by 40%, and Chain Lightning strikes 2 additional targets.
  • Gathering Storms has been consolidated down to a 1-point talent.
  • Hot Hand has been converted to a 2-point talent with the same total values.
  • Feral Spirit cooldown has been reduced to 90 seconds.
  • Elemental Spirits no longer reduces the cooldown of Feral Spirits.
  • Several talents have shifted around due to the above changes.

Thank you all for the continued feedback and testing.


I dont like Hot Hands going to 2 point talent for same value, at least increase proc chance to 10% for 2 points.


All the changes are on point, prob the crash lightning on wolf and hot hand are a bit of a downgrade, but If the move of talents imply that I don’t need to take hot hand in order to get Ascendance I would be very grateful.

To be honest, I’m impressed on the devs doing the shaman trees, they are truly awesome. Big poggers to them. But there is one thing that keep annoying me and is the fact that doomwinds is on the GCD. I mean, most classes have their big cooldowns off the GCD, Enhancement shaman is rn one of the spec that has to press more buttons in order to do an optimal rotation, both pvp and pve. Wolves and Ascendance are on the GCD, at least make Doomwinds out of it :slight_smile:


I’d like if they give ENH a second defensive. They could even give us back Stone Bulwark Totem as a PvP talent. Couple it with Grounding as one PvP talent call it Defensive Totems or something like that.

Thats what im looking for the most.

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They addressed that by making it do damage on cast. We’ll have to see how much. If it’s a decent amount of damage then that’s as good or better than taking it off GCD. Particularly since doomwinds isn’t 100% proc chance. So guaranteed damage on cast is making it a little more reliable.

Ancestral Guidance is kind of like a second defensive. Particularly if you pair it with burst. Although with all the crazy MS effects flying around it’s maybe kind of a weak one.

And thunderstorm gives us a knock while stunned.

With everyone getting 3-4 legendary powers at once along with 2-3 damage capstone talents from the old trees, I’m not sure how anyone is going to survive. So it could be a good time to introduce more defensives. Unless Blizzard has some other plan to keep damage from being overwhelming - like doubling vers damage reduction in pvp or something…

I am pretty happy. Well extremely happy. Over all with the changes.

Yeah, this is a big question mark about the changes - particularly now that hot hand is two points I really hope it doesn’t block the path to ascendance.

It conflicts with a stormstrike build for breathing room and doesn’t below on the path to ascendance. And two points would make it feel even worse to have to take to get to ascendance.

Stormflurry should really be where hot hand is now, and hot hand should be moved up higher to where the other lave lash talents are.

I’m optimistic so far. My biggest issue on live - pvp wise - is dying in stuns. Why won’t they add Shamanistic Rage as a pvp talent?

Thunderstorm could help some with that.

Yeah, I understand that they did that instead of getting DW out of the GCD (like they did with ascendance). However I don’t think that the damage would be as practical as having it out of GCD, I mean they already nerfed the proc chance, duration and the conduit (even lower than SL s1). I like they addressing the ability but I believe giving it a higher proc chance, prob 85% or 100 :slight_smile: , and getting it out of the GCD would do the job.

They really need to make sure that if they are gonna cause Stormstrike to replace Primal Strike that they revert Stormstrike to the way it was originally where you could use it with a 2h weapon. They also need to allow Wind Strike to be used with 2h. Basically just remove the current Dual Wield requirements on both abilities. I mean any melee requirements on Wind Strike is stupid as it’s a ranged ability. Even if Shamans are forced to use the heirloom mace at least until they can add more 2h agi weapons Shamans can use this would make everyone happy.

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If it counts as a windfury proc on use and builds ffw attacks and does decent damage then it could be better than being off GCD since it would be a 100% chance on use.

Downside is you can’t pair the cast with sundering if its on GCD for cap - DW/sunder combo. Personally Id rather have it off GCD so i can pair it with sundering but I guess we’ll have to see what the on use effect is to see what the trade-off is.

Would be nice if doomwinds cast automatically gave you some ffw stacks one way or another so it has some punch given how short the duration is and the unreliability of the proc for ffw stack generation.

The legion version that was short duration didnt require ffw ramp to hit hard.

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They aren’t making enh 2h, they’ve clearly said this already.


Good point.

Healing isn’t a defensive, it’s healing. Guidance is a nice addition but it’s far from a defensive.

That won’t happen because they don’t want enhancement to be played as 2H

It’s been awhile for some of these, and I didn’t want to dedicate a whole day to finding the exact quotes, but if I remember correctly… didn’t Blizzard ALSO say:

• The ability to buy gold won’t happen (WoW tokens)

• They ability to create toons of both factions on PvP servers won’t happen. (This one was from vanilla. When you created a character on a PvP server, all other characters you created on that server had to be of the same faction).

• They won’t allow us to change a character’s faction (to avoid getting around the previous thing).

• They won’t allow players to switch between a PvP and PvE server. (Again, to avoid people circumventing the previous thing, but also to avoid people leveling in the safety of a PvE server and then take advantage of world PvP on a PvP server).

• They won’t give Horde paladins.

• They won’t give Alliance shaman.

• They won’t add Classic Servers. (“You think you do, but you don’t”).

• They won’t add flying to the game.


I wish I could find the forum posts for each of these in only a few minutes, but like I mentioned earlier I don’t have the time, so if you joined WoW after many of these changes you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Literally none of those are comparable to w2h enhance. Single Minded Fury and 2H Frost are, but those were both communicated very early on in the Shadowlands alpha as returning.

Blizzard has given 0 communication that 2H enhance would be returning and we’re nearing the end of Alpha. Anything that supports 2H enhance is clearly an oversight and being corrected. Maybe they’ll add it back in 11.0 but the ship is long gone for a 10.0 return.

To take it further, Blizz is on record as saying that 2h enhance was never even meant to exist. It was a bug that they let exist for quite a while before finally disabling the ability.

because Blizzard would rather see shaman die while keep beefing up balance druids.