Engineering Question


I am trying to make mechanical mounts. I have played off and on with several year breaks in between. I have never tried engineering and I found the flying machine recipe or schematic but it has like 4 300’s as the skill level… I get that 300 should be the skill level but why are there 4 of them in different colors.

Honestly I would love to just have a mechanical flying mount with a human character. Not sure if there is an easier way to get it than to grind out engineering but its fine since I will slowly work toward that.

Thanks for any advice.

If you’re talking about the skill levels listed over on wowhead, the different colors show at what skill level the pattern will become yellow, green, and gray in your crafting window (indicating your chances of getting a skill point from crafting that item).

The auction house (miscellaneous section) has normal and turbo charged flying machines, and one called ATV something I forget the name. There are also rocket mounts on the AH, and a mechanohog chopper. Might be more that I didn’t mention. If you click the horse icon (collections) on your micro bar, you can view all mounts in the game on the mount tab.

ok thanks so much!!!

I see you are level 90. With Pandaren engineering, you can also make a Sky Golem mount which is BoE and popular with herbalists as it allows you to pick flowers without dismounting. Pandaren engineering can also make a couple of rocket mounts - one for goblin and one for gnomish engineering.

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Sky Golem is also on the AH and is the most popular of the ones we listed. I didn’t know you could collect herbs and not dismount that’s great. Lastly, you can see all the mounts in action on you tube.

Wow all great information. Thank you. I just need to figure out the gold situation for the mounts on the AH. But I do want to get into the professions a bit more without it being a huge time sink… Yes 90’s is the highest I have ever had always burned out on the leveling because I have always been a pvper and disliked raids and such… I’m a lot older now…

I was here at the start of WoW … after SWG faded away… When I say I have taken years breaks I mean years breaks… however it seems more fun now even if the graphics are dated. There is so much to do it is hard to know where to start… I just know what I like a whole lot better now and could care less what is most powerful ect.

Thanks again!!

The graphics are modern in BFA, and the legion 100-110 graphics are better than WOD where you are now. There are also several mechanical mounts you can get at 120, and you could solo farm Mirimon’s head from the Uldaar raid at 100. It’s only a 2% drop rate but one of my favorite mounts. Took me 49 tries, but I had an army of alts running it every week, and there is a shortcut I used on you tube.

The best mount site is Warcraftmounts dotcom it has every mount and where to get it. In regards to gold, if your desperate you can buy a token on the blizzard store for $20 and exchange it for about 108k gold. The price changes constantly. Google “WoW token price” to see the current exchange rate.

Lastly, you will make substantially more gold at 120 From multiple sources. They periodically have emmisaries that reward 4k gold and take less than 10 minutes (5-6 min if you have flying). If you have 12 level 120 characters, you would make 48k gold In just over an hour. So get leveling! You can also solo farm old raids for mount drops while making a substantial amount gold, vendoring all the purple gear you get. There are other ways too.

If you want to get to 120 faster and don’t care about reading quest text, get the popular addon “Azeroth auto pilot”. It puts a dynamic blinking green dotted line on yor mini map that navigates you to the most efficient path at all times while questing. The addon also picks up and turns in all quests instantly when you click an NPC once. There is a setting with the option of watching cut scenes or not. You should be questing in WOD until 100. I always read the story quests on my first time through but sometimes not side quests. Alts use AAP.

There is a penalty of sorts involved with the sky golem though. It’s not eligible for mount equipment so you can’t use water walking or either of the other two options with it.

The information in this thread has been super helpful! It’s been a long time since I’ve had any real interest in PVE content from any game usually it’s all pvp, however this seems a bit different to me I’m seriously thinking about going back through the storylines and figuring out the lore and seeing what goodies are there.

Also I would like to do the old dungeons from vanilla solo if possible. I’m just too old to deal with any drama lol unless it’s on the PVP field.

I really like the quality of life changes in retail. In vanilla grinding was just too time-consuming for somebody working full-time for me. You make wish that I didn’t delete a lot of my older tunes I had to make room because I was at the cap because I was an altaholic at one time.

Thx again!!

There is an incredible amount of end game content that’s not available until max level so I would keep leveling. Farming old raids and dungeons for mounts, transmog, and gold is better when your 120 as well.

Any old toon, level 50 or better, can be undeleted.