Enemies at the Gate

I missed this quest during tiragarde sound campaign (didn’t have btwquests yet), when I finished tiragarde sound the quest is no longer there. Am I SOL as far as completing it without basically starting a new character from scratch? I think that’s the case but just hopeful someone has a potential idea. Thanks!

I don’t see anything helpful in wowhead, but if all else fails maybe you can group with someone else doing the campaign the first time and do the quest with them.

Out of curiosity, why do you need this quest?

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I was wondering if that might work as well. I honestly don’t need it, it’s purely for the satisfaction of completion. Very dumb, I know. I should’ve never looked at the wowhead quest tracker and just lived in ignorant bliss lol. Thank you so much for the suggestion! Ill give that a shot.

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