Endgame PVE as resto

Hey everyone. I just started playing about a week or so ago and I recently managed to get to max level and complete the main campaign storyline in shadowlands.

I ended up leveling as feral because I figured it would be easiest to stealth through everything and quickly get to quest objectives and such.

However, I’m a healer main at heart and now that I’m at max level I’m a bit confused on how to move forward with restoration.

There is a clear advantage when it comes to going out and doing content while in a DPS specialization. Even with the druid talent system allowing me to hybrid into some dps abilities it doesnt compare.

My main question for other healer mains is… how do you guys do it? Do you just do most content out of spec to kill things faster? But then don’t most rewards given to you depend on what spec you’re currently in while completing the content? Or is it more optimal to just kill things painfully slow as resto the entire time?

When you say endgame content, what exactly are you doing? I assume you mean open world content and not m+ /raiding

For open world stuff you can go any spec you want and just “loot spec” for healer. Right click your portrait and you’ll find the loot spec option. This works in instanced content as well so even if you go dps in a dungeon you can still make sure you get resto loot

For open world (solo) I go boomkin, for everything else including torghast I do resto


Ahh I had no idea that was an option! That pretty much answers a lot of my questions I had. Thank you.

Np! Forum rules apply though, if I answer one of your questions I get all your loot for a month.

Sorry, I don’t make the rules


You also have to end the thread on an overall negative note.

Like: make resto a picture of fruit so Bobby can buy another yacht! Nerf DH!!

Guardian spec is a good option for an off spec for a Resto druid for doing your WQs. Bear doesn’t suffer as much from the haste oriented Resto gear you will want to be getting as Balance (mastery) and Feral (crit) does.

Just pull 3-5 mobs at a time, you kill slow but you are nearly unkillable.

This is good advice if you’re looking for a slow and steady (but safe!) leveling experience. Once you’re in anything resembling end-game gear, Boomy and Feral can also pull everything without much risk, and they’ll murder it in a fraction of the time.

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Unless I’m looking to get into some pvp, when out in the world I’m spec’d feral druid. I like the damage(of course) and really like the enhanced stealth. Rewards are never EVER an issue/concern: I easily gear resto up along the way, EASILY. Granted, with regards to gearing up, with how easy it is to get into dungeons and raiding even at a low gear score, most of my gear, even early on, comes from instances.

Oh oh, and with regards to concerns of spec based gear rewards, that’s not an issue. Make sure your “Loot Specialization” is set to Restoration and you will receive loot rewards specific to restoration when spec based rewards are available.