Endgame BiS duels. No engineering. Who wins?

  1. Shadow priest vs demo warlock
  2. Balance druid vs ele shaman
  3. Dagger Rogue vs arms Warrior
  4. Hunter vs frost mage
  5. Ret pally vs enhance shaman
  6. Rogue vs feral druid
  7. Fire mage vs sm ruin lock


You forgot races


‘no engineering’ is not a thing in endgame bis duels. this thread is pointless.


Ah well dont most classes have a best race? I meant to include that in BIS.

  1. SL Lock. Priest dispels SL, but it just gets reapplied.
  2. Shaman.
  3. Rogue
  4. Hunter
  5. Ret paladin, just use LoH and cheat, you have like 5 lives anyways.
  6. Feral, outlast the rogue.
  7. Zero clue.

  1. Hunter
  2. Hunter
  3. Hunter
  4. Hunter
  5. Hunter
  6. Hunter
  7. Hunter

(Ironsides) #7
  1. lock
  2. shaman
  3. rogue
  4. mage
  5. both lose
  6. rogue
  7. lock

(Sabetha) #8

The Resto Druid won by boring them all to death.

(Williams) #9
  1. Shadow Priest
  2. Balance Druid
  3. Arms Warrior
  4. Hunter
  5. Retribution paladin
  6. Feral Druid
  7. RNG wins

(Boneskulls) #10

Rogue wins every 1v1 :wink:

(Oriendaria) #11

why not just say no professions and no consumables?

(Cilivia) #12

Holy paladin wins because opponent abandoning duel after 5 minutes of combat


I don’t know, if you can exploit that dead-zone as a mage I’ve heard hunters can die. :slight_smile:



shakes head


Best strat against hunters is say “Hey look! A weapon is on the ground!” when they go to find it, just drop a bunch of dots on them and run behind a tree or something.

  1. Lock
  2. Sham
  3. Rogue
  4. Hunter
  5. Ret unless one shot
  6. Rogue
  7. Mage

All of these are chosen based on players with various AQ/Naxx level gear and equal skill. In the end its who is better in classic for the most part unless its a one shot.


That would backfire horribly. See, as a hunter I kill you then make a quip about how there really is a weapon on the ground and steal from you because it’s clearly a hunter weapon.

(Dealloc) #18

Who wins? The better player wins.

Pretty much every single one of those matchups can be heavily swayed by player skill.

(Spelingerror) #19

Let me edumacate you.

(Medeoan) #20

[quote=“Mistlager-proudmoore, post:1, topic:153925, full:true”]
4. Hunter vs frost mage[/quote]
Mage 100% of the time.