End Premades

do you mean to prevent the ramifications of sniping? yeah. they made minor changes to curb it.

its a cost/benefit decision. there wasn’t a player-based solution for alliance players stating av with 10 teammates.

there is a player-based solution to premades. it’s called making friends.

if you put this much effort into making friends then…no wat io can’t imagine anyone dealing with your whining very long.

try reading again. and try posting on a classic toon. i’m sure you’ll get there guy.

Ah yes so this is a hole in an arugment

Just read the blue post you linked. Neither one of those is said.

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hope this is better for you

Except is says a variation of it right there

EDIT: im sure if i spent a little more time i could find more posts that say what i mean about keeping things in line with vanilla values and experiences

Except that reinforces the fact that they intend to keep true to the original GAME. He has this idea in his head blizzard has promised to recreate the “vanilla experience” by making changes. Blizzard is careful about using the word “vanilla”. Search vanilla experience and see how many blue posts you come up with.

oh it definitely is better, now i can take you even less seriously given a bot could out dps you.

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This is not 2005 and never will be. That experience is never coming back. Get over it

Just like horde cried about 6 min AV losses. I hope you enjoy your 2 hour queues. That’s a wash.

Once again, why should solo players get special treatment in a game that is built around the idea of building relationships and group play? Nobody has given an answer other than “it’s not fair” I want to know what makes you feel you deserve special treatment.

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oh no he looked me up on WC logs

Why did blizz release bgs early during wpvp phase based on your own words? you answer that and ill answer you

dude seriously i take it back. go back to posting on your retail character :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Spoken like a true troll

When people think parsing = skill in any other aspect of the game.

I just dont have the time or energy to farm gold to buy 30 consumes per raid and get 10 World buffs before each raid.

there are so many examples

i can’t decide between your 12% median on vael or 16% on ebonroc/golemagg

but i’m sure a mongoose will get you above 50% lol

Considering i showed up to BWL in pvp spec for probably well over 6 weeks i could honestly not care any less than i already do about parses. But keep attacking buddy

Because it was causing massive server imbalances, which still exist btw, and the game was hemorrhaging players. The smaller faction on all pvp servers bailed, regardless of faction, horde ran too. Players on both factions complained, it wasn’t an alliance problem, which I assume is what you want me to “admit”

Partially true. You can hit blue and purples with no consumables if you’re a good player. But orange parses require a flask, elixirs, and all world buffs, regardless of skill.

which i have. Im sure if i was fully enchanted and actually cared to show up to raids in pve spec more often with the designated “BiS PVE Sword talent spec” i would get more. But again. I dont

Large majority of players who complained were allaince.
I believe only horde on heart seeker complained

That’s because a large majority of pvp servers were heavy horde. It wasn’t about faction, it was about existing server balance. And as you pointed out, horde on the ONE alliance heavy pvp server did the same thing alliance did on the other servers. It wasn’t an alliance problem, and if imbalance was reversed the same issue would’ve existed, except horde wouldve been the “victim”