Enable Cross realm PvP and Arenas

With the most populous servers for pvp being locked, it is troublesome finding games and partners in arenas at the high end if you are not on Benediction (A) or Faerlina (H). Can we please have some discussion on opening up cross realm PvP to address this issue? I feel it is inhibiting WotLK PvP growth possibly more than the arena rating deflation. If we open cross realm, maybe it will allow more players access to the ladder and increase participation.


nah. I want them to open the servers. I want to be on a populated server that feels alive instead of on a dead one waiting around hoping a gladiator+ exp holy pally randomly spawns on my server so i have someone to play with. feel like im alone on some dying private server, whatever game im currently playing feels so soulless and lonely not being able to be on a server with my friends.

currently im paying a sub to log in, trying to find something to do for 30 mins, then logging out and waiting for next tuesday to come so i can pve and log out for the rest of the week

I can already promise you that there will be 0 high rated players in LFG as they already have partners on their packed servers.

That isnt how cross realm for arena works. People from other severs would be able to read you LFG posting an join your group. You dont sit in dalaran hoping someone spawns into your layer lol

It doesn’t matter what we say here. If you go to the community council forums, it’s evident there is no plan but excuses to explain the current situation. We have a mix of “cannot change” due to classic purist and blizzard not wanting to spend much work in solving this problem.

Here’s the WoW Community post regarding server populations: [Classic] The unacceptable state of Classic servers - #15 by Wadaplanet-faerlina. BLUF: The servers are fine, people need to transfer off of mega realms.

If blizzard wanted to take a cue of what will keep WoW pvp alive, they’ll look at post like the one OP made and watch videos like this from Venruki: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pv1off1SY08.

It’ll kill itself due to people just not getting to experience the content that they would wish in a more accessible manner. Yes, I can queue for 2s/3s/5s on Eranikus or some other server, but the quality of people are lower on the megaservers for high-end content. When you’re talking about being in the top 3% of the playerbase, player availability certainly matters.

Other than that, cross-realm just makes sense for making the game more available to more people, to include raiding, leveling, questing together, and overall general experience. Get rid of servers entirely and just let their be a true mega cross-realm service.

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Aaaand rip. You almost had it.

yeah, and you didnt read my post correctly.

Actually, let there be 4 servers: PvP, PvE, RP, RP-PvP; one for each type. There’s already layering, so why not do this? Change layering so you can switch which layer you’re on manually with something like a menu or whatever like every other MMO out there that has them, except put a 30 minute cooldown on switching layers so people can’t abuse it easily. If this was done there wouldn’t be any crying about zero-accountability when it comes to cross realm anything because it would no longer be cross realm. This way we would always have enough people for everything we need.

good change. server situation has been mishandled

I dont see how i did, i literally quoted your paragraph, but mmk

You thought i meant that with cross server LFG a random glad xp hpal would spawn on my server. But what I said and meant was that in the current situation, my best hope was a random gladiator exp + hpal spawning on my backwater server so that I’d have someone to play with. and that just isn’t going to be the case.



It’s not for me to almost have. It’s up to the company.

Point is… our arguments here are pointless cause they won’t do anything to solve it regardless. This is backed up through their stances made in the community council forums.

Actually, yes this is one problem, but another problem is that if you are like me and have friends on another server there is currently no way for you to play with them unless you both abandon your server to go play on a smaller server. This just isn’t reasonable as then you are stuck on another crappy server. Being locked out of Benediction means those who want to PvP are just at a serious disadvantage in terms of player availability. I don’t want to be on benediction. I love grobbulus, but even a server as large as grobbulus the pvp community is very small, and there is not a steady stream of players available for queing especially for 3s and 5s. We play with and against players of another server in bgs. I don’t see why we can’t play with them in arenas as well.

The majority of the WoW population has zero interest in rated PvP, therefore, the vast majority of the player base that is actually interested in rated PvP have all consolidated-on Bene and Ferlina. It’s not only just the high-end arena crowd that are there, its everyone that is interested in Arena period.

It’s ridiculous to have these servers locked while at the same time not allowing people to Queue with other servers. The servers aren’t even broken up by different battlegroups anymore and people all have a personal mmr/cr instead of a team one.

Has been for three years.

Doubt it’ll ever get the attention it deserves.

needs it rn

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