Enable Combat Floating Text

I have been playing wow since wrath launch and this feature is disabled numerous times a week. Over the last 15 days I have been playing WITHOUT ANY ADDONS and this STILL DISABLES on its own. HOW can this be. It has been almost a full year since this game has been launched. Please Please PLEASE fix this. It is beyond annoying at this point in time.

When you logout are you using the logout button on the esc menu, or are you just hitting alt-f4?

I’ve noticed this too, actually.

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99% of the time its esc > log out or exit game.

Not sure why this matters. The rarity of alt + f4 to leave the applicaition/ game is very, very high.

Just as how /groster got disabled last patch as well. Blizz doesn’t like any of us old school players who have been here longer than most of the people working there have.