Empower Type Spells

The brief description of Empower type spells (where you charge up a spell by holding down a key) sound amazing, and I hope to all that is holy they use the spell type where it makes sense for all classes.
Some possibilities:

Ray of Frost
Pyroblast (my buddy suggested it could start as a lava dart, turn into a fireball, then finally a Pyroblast)
Aimed Shot
That one Druid spell that calls down the moon on a location…whatever that was.
Holy Nova?

So much potential.


I’ve said for years that Aimed Shot should be like this. Tap it for an instant cast mediocre spell or “aim” (charge) to build up more dmg.


It has the potential to be great, but with the way the game has been getting designed around move move move move move move, I think when it actually comes into play, people are going to hate it


What’s the difference between a charge-up spell and just a spell with a long cast time on it?
I think it’s just going to lead to people being frustrated when a spell cancels due to movement, lag or hardware.

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I think the difference is you receive the partial effect from how long you were able to charge the spell instead of nothing at all from a long cast time.
Lots of neat interactions get brought to the table:

  • Charged spells acts as two or more spells in one: a quick small hit or a big blast depending on the time you can put into it.
  • Many specs already have to find the window to stand still to get off a combo or cooldown window, this is no different.
  • Greed really shines if you can squeeze another second or two into a charge spell and then blink out of a mechanic.

I’d rather them not change current casting/channeling spells, but instant casts like arcane explosion hold it for a bigger aoe. I want new abilities not revamping old ones.

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Hmm. Its an interesting concept, and could be fun to try out. I’d be curious to see how it plays in with spell-queuing or whether you would have to press, hold, release, repeat for each ability. Again, could be interesting and work well if it’s longer holds (eg: 3s rather than 1.5s) and the UI is intuitive enough to know how something is charging up.

At this point I’ll welcome anything that keeps the game fresh and exciting to play.

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