Employee Alpha Testing for WoW Classic


Gonna be a Classic Winter for me :wink:

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All we needed/wanted to know!

Later than what I personally would of liked but ill attribute that to being in game :sunglasses:


Southern hemisphere weirdo’s :wink:


This is good news, but it tastes bittersweet, to tell the truth.

Thanks for the update!


What toon are you rolling for the Alpha test?

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Oh Damn!


Aww snap, betas not for us, but for internal use.

No imminent beta inc?



Alpha :frowning_face:


Told ya’ll not to get your hopes up. Told you it could be an internal thing.


Thanks for the update, but uh…Summer 2019 is pretty close.

Is “Alpha” , really the right word to be using?

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I was thinking the blue post is the perfect troll post for “I’m playing and you are not” :slight_smile:

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In all fairness they guy who “broke” that the build was on the CDN updated that it was showing up on the Launcher as an alpha

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im sad even tho i know i shouldnt be…




How I imagine Employee Alpha is going:

“Guys I died like 5 times.”

“Yeah, when I was level one I could only cast one spell as a Tauren druid.”

“These escort quests are SO FRICKEN SLOW!”

Classic Devs “Ok looks like it’s done.” :joy:


62 days until Summer right? 6/21/2019? I mean… Not really. close to 2 months of alpha, maybe a month and a week or so of beta with an early August Launch could easily happen. Or a 2 week beta with a 7/16 launch even.

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Blizzard employees…


Thanks for addressing the rumors and giving us insight on what we’ve seen over the past few days. Hopefully a Beta testing period for players is sooner rather than later as I’m sure its obvious that many of us are excited to get our hands on a version of the game. I also hope development of Classic is going smoothly and our Classic summer isn’t too far away.


Don’t forget

“Uh guys, This elite is killing me in 5 shots and I can’t use my Bow when he gets close.”


please no beta testing for the people we dont need this.