Emerald Dream Community [RP/PVP]

Hello all!

I’m here to promote a Bnet community and Discord for the Emerald Dream realm. We are trying to bring more Roleplay and more WPVP back to our server, and get back to our RP/PVP roots, and could use help!

But first, let me sell you on Emerald Dream a bit.
Our realm is a fairly large realm, with a history of WPVP.
But since Legion, that has been on the decline, and we want to bring it back! So we are looking for folks that want to RP and WPVP, to help build back those classic rivalries.

Currently our server is lacking guild diversity and leadership. We have lots of active players, but not many people actively putting things together. So if you are looking for a player base to start a guild or move one to, this may be the spot for you. Especially if you are looking to play Alliance.

  • Want to build a guild of Worgen that embrace their feral nature and hunt Horde for sport?
  • Dwarven explorers looking to reclaim lost artifacts from enemy territory?
  • Trolls trying to reclaim their homelands from Alliance invasion?
  • Void Elves angered by being cast out from Silvermoon.

You have tons of opportunity here to build something, and a player base that is hungry for it.

SO, to get you started, I welcome you to come join our Bnet Community and our Discord to get involved, maybe phase over to a few things and get a feel for the realm.

EDC Bnet Community: https://blizzard.com/invite/kMANnEyfxJB
Emerald Dream Community Discord: https://discord.gg/XMSFzNvtzw

Hopefully you’ll come join the fight with us.
Let’s bring back some of that old WPVP feeling, and build stories together.

Our current Event Calendar: