Emblems of Heroism from Sons of Hodir dailies is somehow okay?

They didn’t say they were removing the badges from daily quests, only that they were going to review it. If badges on repeatable quests stay in then inscriptionists will be forced to grind the faction.

OK how many badges can you get from Daily ? It’s been a while since I’ve done daily’s in wrath but to the best of my remembrance there’s no more than 10 OK so 10 badges.

You get 2 Badges purboss And 10 in 25 dropped the same badges OK So that mean naxx 10/25 You get a grand total of 60 And The other 3 raids Are one boss a piece So that’s another 12 Purr lock out And you’re telling me people are just going to stop rating on top of that You have to take into account all the extra loot.

So even with the dailies no people are not gonna stop rating You’re crazy to think that it’s fine personally I think.

I dont think its that big of deal. You won’t need badges of heroism for long.

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I mean this is just my opinion but I think are completely fine with the dailies I mean people are still going to raid.

I mean how many badges could they possibly get maybe grand total of 10 You do both difficulties you’d be skipping out on a grand total of 68 badges Give or take People are going to raid regardless So I personally think this is fine.


They should buff the profession to bring it in line with the others then if they are going to make negative changes to it.

If anything this is a totally different reason to do the grind for the dailies. You already have your reason to avoid them, and this is a different reason to do them. I really don’t think its a big deal and as a fellow scribe im not going to do it whether it gives me more badges or not because it really doesn’t matter.


Like RDF was a different reason to do heroics once you were geared past them.

Appreciate the post through Aggrend

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Glad to hear the dailies were unintentional. I don’t agree we need to incentivize people to finish quests for phasing, but it’s a relatively innocent design decision.

Personally, while I like that there are ongoing changes to try and improve the game overall, the elephant in the room is still waiting to be addressed in a much more transparent and informative way.


The daily’s were added by accident they will be removed from the pool.


Not sure if this is a legitimate request… but I wonder how a WoW without gold would look like. The need to have guild farmers for resources, as the AH can no longer function. Bartering all over the place. Boosting, GDKP, Bots, and RMT killed in one go (Okay let’s be real… the bots will just sell the resources themselves. Peacebloom x20 for 1 dollar!).

It would be an interesting experience to see how the game and player base copes by removing currency. Maybe our economy would be studied once again due to it.

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It would be incredibly easy. You remove repair costs. Professions simply require you to talk to a trainer to access all patterns/enchants etc, switching proffs incurs a 30 day cooldown, with materials being rep based.

Then… you just play the game. Weird. The point of the game should be to play the game for the fun of it. Gold is completely unnecessary when loot comes from pvp rank/effort and dungeon/raid bosses.

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At that point, you might as well just strip professions out of the game wholesale. There isn’t a reason why the materials would be rep based if there is no currency gating the acquiring of them. Just make the items you’d craft from said professions rep based.

As for just playing the game. People use to play this game for more than pvp or raiding. They surprisingly played the game without doing either thing.


Granted you could also do some things people having been asking for and allow players to have all gathering professions at once. Then changes nodes to act as they do in retail in that everyone can mine the same node and get resources out of it for a specific period of time after the first person who mined it.

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Terrible idea.
Only reason you added them was because you removed the emblems from 10man due to stupidity.

Stop trying to customize a “museum piece” game.

You are gonna chase away your target audience.


Wish they’d respond to any of the daily RDF threads


I think they are treating those threads like the sword in silithus


What would you want them to say? That they’re not adding it? They’ve said it already


What sword in silithus?


What zone called silithus?


Other than dungeons and leveling, what you would be doing that requires gold? Gold is absolutely not necessary for any aspect of this game.

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Flight Paths
Auction Houses