Emblems of Heroism from Sons of Hodir dailies is somehow okay?

The community aspect of this game is going downhill, and fast. Every single person who is anti-RDF should be VEHEMENTLY against this change, as this REMOVES PEOPLE FROM DUNGEON GROUPS AND THE COMMUNITY. Why run dungeons / raids when I can just SOLO DAILIES for badges???


I think basic emblems from dailys/questing is totally a good thing. The gear it gives is primarily for alts anyway.


The problem is that this is one of the reasons people use to say RDF isn’t, “optional” and shouldn’t be in the game. A better change would be to add a daily/weekly quest (which, from the notes, it seems they have), that also shares a “lockout” with the RDF bonuses.

Right, so now dailies aren’t optional. You’re against that right?


I’m against the change in the first place. I don’t think it’s necessary or appropriate, as it does change the landscape of Wrath in terms of a, “retail design”.

Dailies are as, “mandatory” as they always were. Though I do believe the emblems are tied to quest chains that unlock said dailies, at least for Sons of Hodir.


According to some people on beta not only do you get emblems from the storyline “cap” quests but also dailies

Yeah, this is yet another bad change that pushes it towards retail - like the LFG system - and yet people are praising them for, “pulling away” from retail by removing RDF.


wish instead of adding these unwanted changes they would just add RDF


With no RDF farming badges for the average player/casual becomes more difficult. This offsets that. So this change makes sense in that context.

You either get RDF or no RDF with supplemental badges from quests. Its not like trade chat dungeon groups were a social experience. I’ve never communicated with anyone outside of my guild for the entirety of classic and been fine.


stop trying to minmax everything
you will live a happier life


I cant find a source for this?

It came to OP in a dream

Apparently beta reporters. “Story capper” quests reward them based on patch notes, though.

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It’s like we say on retail,
“Ah, I just got home from work and it feels like I’m still there.”

The thing is though RDF wasn’t in the game when early badge gear was relevant. There was a daily limit on Badges because you couldn’t just spam heroics through RDF. By the time RDF came in badge gear was all catch-up stuff.

Depending on how many badges we can get from dailies, this could massively affect phase 1 gearing and ultimately lead to people being “done” with dungeons faster. There’ll be no more “I need a few badges let’s knock out a quick dungeon” it’ll be “I need a few badges I’ll go do some dailies alone”.


Of course, it is okay, Blizzard has to hide how bad the RDF removal was somehow.


Muh community must be protected, so we take out RDF and force you to do…dailies. Because muh community is built from solo activities. KEK


Nah this change is so any DPS class that isn’t a mage or warlock can still get badges.


This is funny. They take out a system that worked fine because of “community”. Put in a new inferior tool to even a player made addon. Made said tool mandatory to use to get access to the actual LFG channel. Then because they KNOW it’s going to tank heroic dungeon groups due to it being inferior, they put in a new system to earn the badges you will lose due to a bad system they implemented to replace the system they said was bad, but actually wasn’t bad. This is like watching the old Abbot and Costello “Who’s on First” bit. lol


Oh no! The horror non dungeoners will have the ability to buy heirloom items for their alts!