Emblems in late Wrath

So the blue post Wrath Classic Feedback and Decisions here states that ToC/ICC will have shared lockouts for heroic and normal.

How does Blizzard plan on dealing with the number of badges being cut almost in half seeing as they are needed to buy T9 and T10 both? Cut the badge cost in half as well? Double the number dropped per boss? They’re reducing the badges we can get every week by quite a lot.

I haven’t seen anything about it, but someone using just badges for shadows edge will need to spend 575 frost for all of the primordial saronite which normally takes 5 weeks of full clearing everything you possibly can, or buying T10 takes 405 total. Looking at just T9 pieces, it would take 2 weeks to buy a single piece of 245ilvl as you can’t get more than 30 from raid and an another 19 from the weekly raid as well as daily quests per week.

It isn’t being cut down at all. They’re changing it from 10 and 25 sharing the same lockout to Normal and Heroic sharing the same lockouts. You’re still doing the same number. In WOTLK you had the first one where if you did it on 10 man…oh well you can’t do 25 man. Now you get well if you do it on heroic 10 man you can do Heroic 25 man but not normal 10 or 25 man.

No the way it worked back in the day was we had 4 lockouts, the only time we were unable to do all 4 was if we swapped it to heroic or normal mid raid in ICC. Happened for the casuals all the time in 25 where we would give up most of our 25 heroic lockout for easy loot on gunship, then later that very same day I would jump into 10 and full clear heroic and normal both.