Embers of Neltharion Now Live!

Embers of Neltharion Now Live!

New mysteries wait to be unraveled within the mysterious underground of Zaralek Cavern, where you’ll explore, undertake new quests, meet intriguing new denizens, experience new Dragonriding updates, and more.

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Cross faction normal battlegrounds & random dungeons next please


I’m fine and dandy with all this… As long after all these years… we finally get Tank Spec Shamans… and FINALLY find out what happen with Vol’jin or least have some decent b story play out for the Zaandalari and Darkspear trolls since we’re not longer warring with them anymore…

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Thats one of the most ridiculous looking shoulder pads I’ve seen on an Orc.


Cool, now let me play as a Mechagnome or a Mag’har Orc without having to play the entirety of BfA please.

Now watch as Blizzard cancels plans for Orc Paladins based on your comment :wink:

Why do I need to wait 6 weeks just to get my first tier set.

To give people a reason to step into the raid instead of avoid it and spam farm M+ and convert.

I think sometime throughout this patch whether for defeating Fyrakk the blazing, or a chance to get a quest item from one of his assaults, etc – It’d be wicked cool if:

  • Shaman (With fire spells)
  • Priests (With shadow spells)
  • Demon Hunter (Fel-fire spells)
  • Mage (With fire spells)
  • Warlocks (With fire and shadow spells, affliction included)
  • Dracthyr (With fire spells)

– Could have the opportunity to get a quest that gives the genre of spells listed above a ‘Shadowflame’ animation.

Make a few lore-references too, like:

  • "Might want to watch your back around Wrathion, as he gets uh … Voilent with those who wield this kind of power.

Along with race-specific dialog ones, such as for:

  • Void elves: “Our peoples research continues … Well done adventurer. We expect great things from you.”

  • Blood Elves: “May want to keep this on the down-low from Grand Magister Rommath. We built a secret order to continue research and attain empowerment from this power, yet it is pressingly more important now that the Alliance have our former kind opposed against us, infused with the void. We must remain vigilant and utilise these assets where we find them, lest Quel’Thalas may fall into peril from what we turned away.”

  • Lightforged Draenie: “Interesting … It feels wrong, yet the power of flame feels like … A loophole. Intriguing. We shall investigate it carefully. Use this power well champion, yet be mindful.”

  • Dark Iron Dwarf: “Meddling with the powers of fire beyond our understanding put our people in grave times once … Hopefully this time, we can have a brighter outcome. Well not brighter as in – Bah! Aye y’know what I mean!”

  • Demon Hunters: (Not a race, but nonetheless) — “We promised Illidan to take care of this world and watch for what lurks in the shadows. With the Legion we would fight fire with fire. Although the fel is a good tool to excersize many enemies, it has it’s … Limitations. Fighting shadow and void with shadowflame … Heh’ well. Our legacy and story is far from over yet.”

I believe having a fun engaging story, along with content and animation feature to classes would be great for the game, the lore and provide some further opportunity for player identity in the roleplay community. :slight_smile:

Your season was Yummy !

Annnnnnnd it’s broken.

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