<Elwynn Brigade> (A) Post-action Brief

Ladies and gentlemen,

We got 'em.

As of 0515 UTC on November 4, elements of the Elwynn Brigade, alongside attached ‘‘PUG’’ units, successfully conducted direct action operations against High Value Targets of the Horde.

I can confirm that several of those HVTs were the primary leaders of the Horde, namely: so-called Warchief Thrall, Lor’themar Theron (leader of the ‘‘Blood elf’’ renegade group), the self-proclaimed ‘‘Banshee Queen’’ Sylvanas Windrunner, as well as Cairne Bloodhoof, patriarch of the Bloodhoof tribe.

We assess that this operation severely degrades the Horde’s command and control structure and foresee that this will facilitate further dismantling operations, clearing the way for our campaign in Northrend.

In pursuit of which, the Elwynn Brigade is looking for able-bodied men and women, especially of the healer and ranged DPS variety to take on NAXX25 and follow-on raids in Northrend.

Thanks for your time.

Commanding Officer, Elwynn Brigade

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