Elites go homeless lmao

Looks like the 4 or 5 people on each server who botted black lotus 24/7 just lost their stream of WoW gold, which they probably sold to pay rent. Anyone else here amused at the fact that someone just lost their job with this update? #Changes #Goldsellersbtfo #Mafiaowned


hilarious, eff these cheaters


I don’t think those sorts of real life consequences are amusing.


Its telling that instead of being happy that there will be more lotus, the first instinct of players is to make fun of people they perceive have been harmed.


Black lotus botters aren’t human, they are sub human, so no harm done.


I actually shuddered a little when I read the term

Not because I care whether there are more Black Lotus or not (I don’t care either way, tbh), but because QoL changes may be a door that has just opened.

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You would have to be really stupid to rely on Black Lotus to pay your expenses.


Sounds like a good start to me. #Changes.


I think we’re in the same boat that this is a pretty slippery slope now. In the past the changes have been made to spot griefing…this is the first real change that has been made to make things easier.

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Easier to do what? Play the game? Also pretty sure botters controlling the black lotus market on servers where thousands of actual players play is griefing…large scale griefing.


Well, for starters, for guilds and pugs to enforce flasking as a rule.


And that’s not a bad thing because it encourages a greater exchange of currency in the economy. I always found it the best time in WoW leveling up a profession because the AH was too expensive but I still needed it. Made me self-reliant.

As someone who farmed lotus I can tell you there was not a single bot that picked a herb ever.

Actually impossible to script and there is no WA or program that can detect Black Lotus on a minimap.

op you seem quite are delusional and unhinged, you seem happier that other players “got theirs” than you do happy about having more affordable lotus.

Personally I believe the whole lotus witch hunt is just a bunch of salty casuals demanding whats theirs, pretty sad to witness the game being blunted to the whims of toxic forum cry babies.

If you wanted a casual easy going gaming experience you should just stick to retail and leave classic to to people who enjoy the game a little more hardcore.


Even funnier that it happened before AQ hit where I’m guessing they were expecting to make loads of gold.


na i’m not going retail, i’m playing classic until the better version of the game drops soon hopefully, but with these #changes I’ll be rolling herbalism on my shaman, the only reason I didn’t view it worth leveling was because the prime gold making herb was spawn camped by people with 5 accounts. Stay salty freinds.

“I’m just playing classic until the better version of the game arrives”

People like you disgust me, why should someone who doesn’t even like classic be allowed to have such a heavy weigh in on how the games mechanics work?

The forums are filled with people who don’t like classic yet feel they should be the ones who decide the games direction.

If you don’t like classic, don’t play, I have friends like you that felt “forced” to play classic because of all the hype and all they do is cry and moan about it all day long, it’s the stupidest thing ever.

I don’t like fortnite, guess what, i don’t go to fortnite forums and complain about the game and demand changes, your actually pathetic and toxic for trying to ruin something other people enjoy just because you don’t care for it.

I like classic actually. It’s almost like TBC.

TBC isn’t the saving grace people make it out to be

With todays knowledge, prepare for the worst faction imbalance you’ve ever experienced, the worst broken version of arena to ever exist dominated by broken meta comps, raids are locked behind extremely long repetitive heroic dungeon grinding, and since all the raids up to hyjal are available on release expect the elite guilds to clear half the expansion in less then a month.

Yeah TBC tomorrow please… can’t wait.


Im fine with gold sellers losing their income stream.


Looks like someone is mad they can’t hold black lotus hostage anymore. Hahahahahahahaahahaahaha sucks to suck. QQ more.