Elite NPC Damage is Way Off (Plausible Evidence)


Classicdb is a private server database.

It is not a good reference for classic.


Mobs arent affected by glacing blows

(Manhammer) #24

Is anyone doing naked testing?

It could be armor had a diminishing return variable to it that was dependent both on character level and monster level. But now with the new client, that variable part of the damage equation was removed.

Also, doesn’t Strength effect armor in Vanilla? I can’t remember. Maybe that part of damage reduction calculations is rewarding too much armor.

(Priapis) #25

Strength helped block, Agility gave armor at some point (I don’t know about vanilla).

(Thundathys) #26

Ever hear of streamer priveledge? They’re handed gear left right and centre which will result in people having higher armor values.

If you understand how armor values work you will understand why they’re taking less damage.


I think they’re investigating. It hasn’t been listed on the “not a bug” post. Keep posting and keep giving examples and lets make Classic authentic.

(Manhammer) #28

Yeah I forget how it was exactly too.

Could it be the Defense stat? Does that reduce damage by itself? Or does it only effect block/parry/dodge? Doe it effect Armor value contribution? I forget. If it does maybe everyone is getting too much Defense stat in the actual equation even if not on the stat page.

And then there could be some hidden physical resistance modifier we never saw?

I wish I was in beta I could play around.

(Priapis) #29

Defense rating increases block, dodge, parry, and reduces chance to be hit and chance to be crit.


Even though private server arent a good guide and shouldnt be used as evidence, just for fun and for people who keep using private server numbers as “proof” damage is too low

(Tarregor) #31

well 34-36 damage taken per hit is roughly the average of 1/4th of 140-150, so that seems about right for that video since damage reduction from armor hard caps at 75%


Mob damage is off for sure

(Warwolfrider) #33

If you played on a private server keep in mind that the game was over tuned to make it artificially harder.

(Switzy) #34

Vanilla patch notes contain no entries about nerfing mob damage. However, this doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

I sincerely hope that elites weren’t nerfed during vanilla. If so, then Blizzard is going to keep the undertuned 1.12 values and that’s going to sap much of the fun out of running dungeons.

(Dewann) #35

What would be the likelyhood of him being armor capped though? I played a bear tank off and on around late Vanilla and BC and i never once got near hitting the AC cap from what i remember.

(Xanthak) #36

Scholo/Strath was nerfed a gazillion times between 1.1 and around mid patch. They castrated those instances. Gnomer also.


Not sure why this myth keeps coming up. No private servers are not over tuned. People from private servers in the beta have said that the beta is harder than private servers. If you look at footage from private server compared to the beta mobs deal the same damage and take less damage on the beta and mana and health regen is higher on private servers.

(Boomsky) #38


>Takes data from Nostalrius’ database and uses it as evidence.

Come on now, first thing you see on that website is “This website uses the Nostalrius database.”

“server agnostic database” btw


Okay, I agree with you that it’s not the strongest evidence. It isn’t as good as perhaps an official database, which we don’t have.

Private server creators spent years pouring over numerical data and searching high and low for whatever evidence they could to make things accurate. I think it would be foolish to discount it as “not credible.” Even if it isn’t official, I think it’s the best we have unless we can get some exact numbers from videos or guides/bestiaries.


True. But vanillagaming didn’t.

The classicdb database is literally one of the oldest pserver databases, and arguably one of the worst.


I’m prepared to believe you, but why do you say that? What’s the reason?