Eligon bugged - Pillars don't go up for Straight Six achievement

During the Eligon boss fight in Mogu’shan vault the pillars won’t go up. There is one bolt which misses the pylon and continually stacks on itself. Find a youtube video with the bug linked. Prevents me from getting the Straight Six achievementBug Proof. EDIT: I managed to get it on Normal a week or so ago


I have been having the same issue for more than a while as well. I try and complete the achievement every week on multiple toons. I even disabled and cleared out my addon folders to see if that was an issue sense that was Blizzard support recommended. Yea… still didn’t work. I also took a video recording of the issue. It seems that the orb falls off track and doesn’t make contact with the pylon to activate it. Bug Proof


Bumping this, just tried to get this achievement and encountered the bug outlined in the above posts.

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Bumping, as well. Same thing keeps happening. Will this get fixed or simply remove it from the achievement?